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Help Topic: Shoutbox

The Shoutbox is a mini 'chat' feature for all members, the idea being members can leave a quick message to get the attention of others, say hello and just leave random comments!

The Shoutbox feature was not installed for use as a full blown chat system, simply because most Owners Clubs never utilise Chat rooms as they are normally on a seperate page from the main site.

To use the shoutbox you simply type your message in the blank area and either press the 'Enter' button or click on the 'shout' button.

By clicking on the main Shoutbox Link button, just below the main banner, you will see the full version (rather the the last 5 shouts above every forum). Here you can change settings, view stats and even block abusive members!

Have a play around with the control panel in the shoutbox and find a setting which you most prefer!