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Help Topic: Moderators, Regional Reps and Technical Advisors

Below explains how to become either a Moderator, VIP or Regional Rep:

Becoming a Moderator is by invitation only, requests will not be considered.

FIESTASTOC.COM will expect a great deal of dedication, enthusiasm, trustworthiness and professionalism from its Moderators.

As the club develops more members will join, invitation will be via email or personal message. The adminstrator will be looking for the above and a mature, fair and responsible person who has provided constructive input into the club and someone that is seen as helpful towards others. This will be noted by the Administrator and rewarded accordingly. A Moderator is still subject to the FIESTASTOC.COM rules.

This position has been designed to reward the club's more experienced/knowledgable by giving them a position where they can be clearly identified by other club members as help and support in the relevant field. A Technical Advisor does not get any special treatment over other members and still is subject to the FIESTASTOC.COM rules. Its to show that the FIESTASTOC.COM Administrator and Staff recongnise the input the member has provided and the knowledge they possess.

The position is open to 'Owner Members' ONLY and anyone is welcome to apply for any vacant positions.

Regional Rep:
The Regional Rep positions are open for 'Owner Members' only.

It will involve arranging events / meets in your Region for members, you have moderation of your Regional Forum, so you can post threads, pin them, delete them etc.

You're position is ultimately to recruit or make aware of to non-members and support existing members in your region.

It does mean you would have to be as outgoing as possible and dedicated to the club with organising events and getting the club name out there.

Also when we have National Events, gather together the members attending from your area and being a lead representative from your region.

You will eventually have control of the RSVP System, which is a tool to help you manage event sign-ups. (not set up as yet)

And I'm now creating your very own Regional Area Gallery in the Gallery System, so any pics taken at your local events can be posted in there and moderated by you, the Regional Rep.

On top of that, its a case of Marketing the club as much as possible, spotting other ST owners and safely/where possible giving them flyer/posting one under the window wiper etc or talking to them about the club.

Whilst in the forum, if you come across a member from your region, encouraging them to use your Regional Forum more so they are aware of events in their area.

Regional Reps will also be expected to follow the FIESTASTOC.COM Event Rules at all times.

A regional Rep position is a responsibility for the club and not a position which will be treated any differently to other members. Regional Reps are still subject to the FIESTASTOC.COM Rules.

I donít make any of the additional roles on easy thatís a fact, but, they are good fun, and for some, gives them more ownership to the club!