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Help Topic: Online Shop FAQ

I dont think my order was completed, what should I do?

If your during your transaction you came up with an error page, or the PayPal screen did not show a transaction complete screen then its very likely your order has not been completed.

You WILL have an email from [email protected] confirming your transaction, again if this has not been sent, it is likely your transaction is not complete.

If in any doubt, It is best contacting [email protected] to confirm this. Otherwise, please try purchasing the product again, ensuring time is given for all the page information to load.

The money has definately left my acccount, but I've not recieved any emails?

Firstly, please check your deleted items and/or trash/junk email box, some email systems will direct email from there.

Otherwise please contact [email protected] and your email will be dealt with as soon as possible.

I've paid for a product, I did have confirmation but I've not recieved anything through the post...

On occasions letters/parcels do go missing via the Royal Mail Black Hole... if you have been waiting for more than 14 days, please email [email protected] asap.

The online shop is coming up with page cannot be displayed

There is one of two problems here:

1) the site is current down due to a technical problem.

2) Your cookies set by your internet browser need deleting as sometime they can block you from seeing the page correctly... go into your TOOLS > Internet Option > View Files > and delete any cookies which say