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Wanted add

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I was just creating a wanted add and it requires you to put a photo in, for a wanted you may not have a photo
(I nicked one of ebay lol) is their a way around this?

Thanks for reading
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I think it has been designed in the way of you showing a picture on what you need, this makes it a lot clearer for others understanding what you are looking for.

Unless its something custom ofcourse!

Pictures speak a thousand words Luke! ;)


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We do require a photo for any advert and unfortunately we can't set it differently for the wanted ones.

You can use any photo though, I would suggest either finding an example of what you are looking for, or if that is not feasable, just use one like this...

Posted Image
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In the ACP their is only one field to choose from. It does not distinguish from selling or wanted. Therefore, you need to add photo.
Require Images?



Should at least one image attachment be required for adverts?

Snap :lol:
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