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^ I wouldnt mind that Alec, can I have a 1 day Mod pass please?



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Yeah, Syepie is cool.




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allan and steve from crewe are my favourite staff members



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I think this thread should be locked before it gets out of hand :)
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We are more than happy to receive constructive criticism. But please remember that we (the staff team) are subject to the same rules/protection as you guys. Just as you wouldn't expect to be flamed. Either do we.


FYI the OP decide it was time for him to leave the club. This was his decision not ours. 

Tom Edwards

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As a new member to the forum having been on various forums over the last ten years I would say:

the forum does seem a bit over controlled/strict
I felt forced in to paying up to get information which with hindsight it wasn't worth it. the content level I expected just isn't there,  

I dont have the answers but a bit more of a relaxed environment would be a big step in the right direction, Just to point out its not just about the money I pay more for a forum I don't even have the car for now because its quite relaxed and there is a good social environment plus ive never seen a club as good at supporting members at shows.

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If you go somewhere you don't like, don't go back.
Don't stand in the doorway complaining about it.

Just sayin. 😏
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