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A basic guide to the MK7.5 Fiesta ST (2013-)

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I thought it was about time there was a 'beginners guidefor MK7 ST ownership.


Please Note: This is a very basic guide, for the full story (particularly the modification side) it is recommended that you become a member, there's a vast amount of knowledge and experience available. 


The Basics.



             The ST is available from the Factory in 5 colours. Race red is the only non cost option, the rest are optional extras, the most expensive being Molten Orange. In brackets are the abbreviated versions commonly used on the forum. 


Race Red.(RR) http://www.fiestasto...-photo-gallery/


Attached File  RR FiST.jpg   80.83KB   9 downloads


Frozen White.(FW) http://www.fiestasto...-photo-gallery/


Attached File  fiesta-rear FW.jpg   21.35KB   5 downloads


Spirit Blue. (SB) http://www.fiestasto...-photo-gallery/


Attached File  fiesta-st3-Spirit Blue.jpg   290.74KB   9 downloads


Panther Black. (PB) http://www.fiestasto...9499-black-sts/


Attached File  pantherblack FIST.jpg   95.85KB   8 downloads


nb: At some point in late 2015 early 2016 Ford replaced Panther Black with Shadow Black, I would add a photo, but, well, it's black and even the most keen-eyed amongst you would struggle to spot the difference :)


Molten Orange. (MO) http://www.fiestasto...-photo-gallery/


Attached File  2014-ford-fiesta-st-molten-orange-t2ejivwe3.jpg   76.17KB   17 downloads


Body:-  As of late 2016, for the first time since it's inception Ford made the ST available in both 3 and 5 door guises.


 Attached File  fiestast 5 door.jpg   91.89KB   4 downloads



Initially available in two trim specs, ST1 and ST2, but in 2014 Ford introduced the ST3 due to a significant number of people ticking a lot of the boxes on the options list of the ST2.



The effective base model, with;

  • Cloth Recaro seats
  • Quick Clear heated windscreen
  • Ford branded DAB CD SYNC head unit
  • Non Projector head lights with tungsten DRL's (up until some point in 2015 when they changed to projector light with LED DRL)
  • Key start ignition
  • Manual Air-conditioning



In addition the ST2 has;

  • Heated half leather Recaro seats
  • Sony DAB, CD SYNC head unit
  • Projector Style Head lights with LED DRL's
  • Tinted glass
  • Powerstart button ignition



The top of the range ST, on top of the ST2 you get;

  • Sony CD-Sync-SatNav head unit
  • KeyFree Keyless Entry
  • Cruise Control
  • EATC (climate control)
  • Rain Sensing wipers
  • Auto-dimming Mirror
  • Auto lights
  • Powerfolding mirrors with built in puddle lights

An ongoing poll/thread about trim and colour maybe of interest, don't hesitate to add your own vehicle as and when. 



Optional Extras

The ST1  has the options of,

  • Ford Sat-Nav
  • Adjustable boot floor
  • Central head rest   
  • Space saver spare wheel

The ST2 has all the equipment from the ST3 available as optional extra, ST2s AND ST3s have further options of;

  • Parking sensors*
  • Space saver spare wheel
  • Split level boot floor
  • Central  rear head rest

*For the majority of cars, this appears to be rear parking sensors, but there is evidence that some ST's have been fitted with front ones too. 


Other Extras:-


Style Pack

A fair amount of MK7 ST's come with the Style Pack, thanks to it either being thrown in for free or at a very low cost. 


This consists of;

  • Red Callipers
  • Illuminated ST Scuff plates 
  • Gun metal grey wheels. This is an item that is subject to change for the 2015 cars, illustrated below

Rado Grey


Attached File  Rado Grey.JPG   51.18KB   44 downloads


FItted to models up 2015 (also vehicles post 2015 without style pack)


Rock Grey


Attached File  rock grey.jpg   64.03KB   45 downloads


Fitted to models post 2015, including some '64' plate cars.



For vehicles in Frozen White, Panther black and Molten orange, two interior colour seat choices are available *.


Smoke Storm Grey


Attached File  ford-fiesta-st-5_0 interior grey.jpg   40.08KB   16 downloads


Molten Orange


Attached File  FiestaST_interior_MO.jpg   99.17KB   19 downloads


Race Red and Spirit blue cars are only available with the Smoke Storm Grey option.


*please note, on the Ford configurator and the Drive The Deal order form, Molten Orange seats are available for Race Red vehicles. This is in fact an error, at least one member has tried to order this and been informed by the dealer that this is not an available option.



The Fiesta 1.6t Ecoboost has the following performance figures;

  • 180bhp (c.197bhp with the 15-20s Over boost facility)
  • 177lb/ft torque (c.213lb/ft with the Over boost facility)
  • 0-62mph - 6.9s
  • 31mph-62mph - 6.4s
  • 1163kg*


*Ford/Parkers' figure, a forum member had his ST3 with parking sensors and spare wheel options, an a full tank of fuel weighed 1200kgs



Ford official figures quote 47.9mpg, we have our own fuel economy thread here http://www.fiestasto...257-fuel-range/



When purchasing your ST it may be advisable to ask your dealer about service costs, some members have found that dealers are asking more than others, on the basis that the ST is a performance vehicle, even though it shares a significant amount of its parts with lesser models.



A common first thread on the forum is 'Where's the best place to buy an ST or, what's the best price to pay?' A good place to start would be contacting someone like the STOC sponsor @StoneacreYork . However if they're out of your area, you can check out websites like DriveTheDeal or CarWow and using the on-line prices from the websites you may be able to negotiate a better deal with your local Ford dealer.


Ford Modifications/Upgrades:-

Throughout the ST's life Ford have made various minor modifications, at some point in 2014 Ford reduced to the rev limit slightly for EuroIV compliance, they also changed the design of the pedals and handbrake. Later on in  2014 (July onwards I believe) Ford introduced Applink to allow the integration of certain apps, particularly Spotify, in to the Fiesta's multimedia system. Once again, at a slightly unknown point in 2014 Ford introduced some cubbies in the boot area (pictured below)


Attached File  cubbyholders.jpg   220.17KB   44 downloads


Attached File  cubbyholder2.jpg   208.03KB   34 downloads


Here's another odd one, some get this little net and others don't. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to who gets this and who doesn't, in some cases it isn't even year dependant.


Attached File  interior net.jpg   66.62KB   39 downloads



In 2015 they introduced the darker grey wheels in to the Style Pack and non Style Pack cars got the rado grey wheels. For the 2016 model (Sept 2015 onwards) they introduced the LED rear lights (pictured below)


Attached File  LED3_1024x1024.jpg   203.48KB   48 downloads


Another little modification Ford snook in was the slight softening of the suspension for the MY2016 cars, which is detailed below :-


It seems there was some concern that the back of the ST was too aggressive, so Ford has stiffened the rear torsion beam by 27%, fitted a thicker front anti-roll bar (21mm instead of 19mm), and recalibrated the steering to match.

These alterations then allowed the engineers to reduce the spring and damper rate by using new front springs and dampers and new rear dampers (using the same springs) making the ST softer, and better able to deal with sudden bumps and camber changes."

As Ford couldnt justify the expense of sending two different chassis setups down the production line, it started to put the suspension changes onto the standard ST last year (apparently from 13/8/15) without telling anyone, as it didn't want to ruin the ST200 surprise. The shorter final drive is unique to the ST200, though.


Special Editions


As the MK7.5 ST heads towards the end of its production lifespan, despite still being a class leading Hot Hatch, Ford have begun the stream of inevitable Special Editions. The first one being;


ST 200

The main features of this being the following;

  • Unique Storm Grey
  • Unique Matte Black wheels (std ST wheels with diamond cut details and matte black centres)
  • Unique  Black half leather interior with silver stitching.
  • 197bhp + 217lb/ft of torque, with an overboost facility of 215bhp and 239lb/ft of torque.
  • Final drive reduced from 3.82 to 4.06.
  • 0-62 in 6.7  and top speed 143mph. 

Attached File  ford-fiesta-st200.jpg   85.7KB   9 downloads


Attached File  ST 200 Rear.jpg   42.51KB   8 downloads


Attached File  fiesta-st200-interior.jpg   69.52KB   12 downloads


And with the release of the ST200, they're starting to pop up on here, so the inevitable has happened..




Performance and Visual Modifications.

Like all Fast Fords, they're never fast enough! So, there is a world of tuners who will happily relieve you of your cash to give your pocket rocket Fiesta, that little extra ooomph. Here are just a couple of the more popular choices.



Mountune are the Essex based tuners chosen by Ford to be in the enviable position of offering performance mods with Fords blessing and therefore a lot of their parts retain the manufacturers warranty. 


The most popular being the MP215, which offers.

  • 215ps/212bhp
  • 320nm/236lb ft of torque 
  • 0-60 in 6.4s
  • 31-62 in 5.7

Further details here http://www.mountune....fiesta-st-mp215



The MR230 conversion http://www.mountune..../fiesta-st-2013

  • 230ps/226bhp (rumoured to be a somewhat conservative power figure)
  • 340nm/250lb/ft
  • 0-60 in 5.9s

Collins Performance:- 

Collins Performance, a firm favourite amongst the Ford community, offer various levels of tune for the Fiesta.


This link takes you to their packages http://www.collinspe...s-fiesta-st180/



Peron are well respected amongst the ST community, being comparative new boys, but having a very good reputation for customer satisfaction and good value for money.


http://www.sico-deve...3-mk7-fiesta-st (link to SiCo developments, for clarity sake as the Peron website was a less easy to navigate)  



Known for good value for money, Pumaspeed offer a good selection of performance parts for the MK7 ST

Link to their tuning kits http://www.pumaspeed...boost_1_326.jsp



The new kid on the block,with a history of making performance VW's and Audis that bit quicker.. In some cases a lot quicker. However, they certainly have their fans in the Fast Fiesta fraternity.


 A link to their selection of parts/services http://www.revotechn...12-&engineid=97


Other Common Modifications:-


Roll Restrictor

A favourite mod is to replace the rear engine mount for an uprated version that uses Polyurethane bushes in an aluminium mounting,


Attached File  RollRestrictor.jpg   112.54KB   21 downloads


Pictured is the Mountune item, but Collins, Boomba, Cobb to name but a few  make their own versions and I believe Superflex do replacement bushes for the Ford OEM mounting.



A common modification is to fit a quick shift to reduce the throw of the gearchange, a comparatively easy fit and really takes the gear change up a level. Again lots of different varieties available with Mountune and Boomba being among the most popular,


Lowering Springs

Even though Ford have already lowered the ST by 15mm, lowering is one of the first thing a lot of people do. For the most part, it's a case of sticking to lowering springs, some people fit coilovers for some serious lows or total control for the track day addict.. But we'll stick to the common or garden lowering springs. Eibach, Mountune and H&R are some of the more commonly selected brands. They offer between 25mm and 35mm drop and due to their progressive nature a lot of owners actually see an improvement in ride quality, meanwhile giving the ST an even more aggressive stance.



Although blessed with a factory body kit giving the ST a sporty look, a lot of owners find the addition of a front splitter below the front spoiler gives a more aggressive look to the car. The most popular being the Triple R Components, of which there are 2 different kinds


This one that they used up to some point in 2015


Attached File  Triple R Composites.jpg   433.16KB   37 downloads


Then in 2015 they adopted this look


Attached File  New TRC.jpg   67.25KB   33 downloads


Of course you are not limited to just the one manufacturer


KMS offer this


Attached File  12112019_939701442769400_7057381591755850648_n.jpg   88.1KB   26 downloads


Maxton also do this splitter for the ST

Attached File  Maxton Splitter.jpg   116.47KB   24 downloads



One of the common ways ST owners stamp a little originality on their Fiesta is graphics, I'm not talking about Fast & Furious style stickers down the side of the car. Things are much more subtle than that.


Attached File  Mike ST.jpg   437.03KB   36 downloads


Pictured above are the very popular 'Inlays', which change your the colour of the ST badge to your chosen shade from the DMB range. http://www.dmb.uk.co...lay-set?preview


Attached File  noonoo.jpg   116.63KB   30 downloads


Another frequently asked questions is about the wing gels, as seen above, they can be found here http://www.dmb.uk.co...gel-badges-pair


Handbrake Gap Guard


A little annoyance on the ST (and all MK7 Fiesta's presumably?) is the handbrake black hole of doom. Many members have spent hours foraging around in the dark crevice that lurks between the base of the armrest and the top of the handbrake lever. Phones, keys, you name it, it's ended up down there.


Luckily, there's a company out there  that will sell you an insert to save your blushes:



And here's a guide to fitting it:



M Sport

If you like your ST modified, but want it ready made, you might want to look at the M Sport ST. It's a standard ST with some modifications by rally legend and WRC Fiesta builder Malcom Wilson's M Sport, these include;

  •  A Quaife Limited Slip Differential,
  • Mountune MP215
  • OZ Superturismo 7x17 (et 42) Lightweight Alloy wheels 
  • Custom M Sport interior pack, including Leather and Alcantara steering wheel, M Sport embroidered seat cover, and various carbon fibre bits.
  • M Sport WRC style rear spoiler
  • M Sport graphics. 

Also available are the following options pack;

  • Chris Tullett (manufacturer of WRC exhausts) exhaust
  • M Sport cold air induction with Piper Cross filter
  • M Sport Handling Pack, Eibach Springs, Bilstein Mono-tube dampers and 11mm track width increase.
  • M Sport brake upgrade, featuring; Alcon Callipers with 332mm discs and Goodridge braided hoses 

Attached File  M Sport.jpg   40.66KB   31 downloads


Attached File  Sport 2.jpg   87KB   20 downloads




With a discussion thread here;






The little Fiesta is very popular and has sold in significant amounts, everybody wants one. Unfortunately, not everybody wishes to pay, so the ST is high on the underworlds hit list. One of the first things to purchase for your ST (especially if you live in Essex or Birmingham apparently) should definitely be:


Attached File  disclock1.jpg   190.99KB   28 downloads


A Disklok, in small (standard, not the wide version), the cover is very much recommended and the bar is best pointing down to avoid leaving any marks on the steering wheel.


For other ideas on how to protect your ST check here http://www.fiestasto...o-secure-my-st/





Pros and Cons:-


If you're looking at buying the ST you no doubt want a run down on what's hot and what's not? So here is a very basic run down on the MK7 ST.



  • Cheap - The ST range is a fantastic buy, being a good deal cheaper than its rivals from Luton and on the Continent. Excellent finance deals available.
  • Handling - A fantastic chassis that is exploitable and enjoyable at almost all levels.
  • Engine - The ecoBoost is gutsy, willing and rewarding, whilst remaining economical and very civilised on a long run/motorway trip.
  • Looks - From it's arch filling 17" 5 spoke alloy wheels to the macho body kit and the sporty twin tailpipes. It's a fine looking beaST :wink:
  • Seats - The figure hugging Recaro seats are definitely a highlight, they manage to hold you in place when enjoying the Fiesta in its natural environment, the B road or even the track, yet is a perfectly comfortable on a long trek and add the heated option it's the only way to start a winter's day.



  • Headlamps - One of the biggest gripes for some owners, are the headlamps and the lack of HID option. Personally, I've seen better and I've seen worse, but the lack of HID option this day in age seems somewhat of an oversight.
  • The Ride - A regular thread from first time ST owners is that they find the ride a little on the firm side, especially around town. Most find that once the springs bed in, it's not all that bad. Besides, it's a hot hatch, a firm ride is par for the course to my mind.
  • The Stereo/Infotainment System - To the uninitiated the ST's stereo set up can seem a little bewildering and some find that the Sync system can be a little temperamental. Once you get used and get it set up to how you want it, it's a reasonable little system, with decent connectivity.
  • Squeaks and Rattles - Some cars seems to suffer with a few squeaks and the odd rattle from bits of trim. Others have no problems whatsoever. Luck of the draw.


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Looks good so far a lot of time going in to this then?
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6.9 is the 0-62 time rather than 0-60.

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nice one, like that the info is correct with the bhp against standard and with the mp215, (regarding the overboost)

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  • Mansfield

The puma speed link is wrong?

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  • Mark
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ST1 options are, privacy glass, adjustable boot floor, centre head rest and ford sat nav

ST3 also has climate control (EATC) and auto lights as standard.

Don't think molton orange seats are avaiable with race red paint.

Grey seat material is storm grey

Early 2014 pedals and handbrake handle design were changed.
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Looks good so far a lot of time going in to this then?

Thank you, yes, even more thanks to me accidentally pressing CTRL W, which closed the tab and auto save hadn't saved for nearly an hour :facepalm:



6.9 is the 0-62 time rather than 0-60.

Fixed, thanks for pointing that out :nice:


nice one, like that the info is correct with the bhp against standard and with the mp215, (regarding the overboost)

Cheers,I didn't want any ambiguity :)


The puma speed link is wrong?

Fixed :nice:

ST1 options are, privacy glass, adjustable boot floor, centre head rest and ford sat nav

ST3 also has climate control (EATC) and auto lights as standard.

Don't think molton orange seats are avaiable with race red paint.

Grey seat material is storm grey

Early 2014 pedals and handbrake handle design were changed.

Excellent, will rectify, thank you sir. According to the configurator MO seats are available with RR?

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Excellent piece of work
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Nice guide. Quick edit from me. The mountune MP215 kit lb figure should be 236.
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Nice guide. Quick edit from me. The mountune MP215 kit lb figure should be 236.

Sorted, I'm sure I typed that last night, mind you I was quite tired :yawn:


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@The_Dogging_Father that's a fantastic piece of work and very helpful for future ST owners. 👍
You really have too much time on your hands 😀
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@The_Dogging_Father that's a fantastic piece of work and very helpful for future ST owners.
You really have too much time on your hands

Thank you, my evenings are a little quiet, the weather is so :censored: I struggle to get out with my camera. So I thought I'd do something useful :nice:

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Nice guide, look forward to seeing this progress.
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A great guide so far and very much needed!
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Nope, checked from the factory when ordering mine. Molten orange seats are not available with Race red car. My GF was devastated when she heard the news.
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