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Fiesta ST Mk 8 - Technical Section

Remapping Mountune Collins Revo Pumaspeed

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It's just an idea that may help future owners and the club staff when the new ST is released.

Within the technical section, remapping & software another subsection could be added with each individual tuner having its own area

Obviously, no one knows as yet what aftermarket packages will be available or offered, but it's just an idea so that owners interested in upgrading can find the relevant info more easily

You could implement it under the exhausts and other subsections as well

It may also reduce the 'tuner war' threads (although, as repetitive as they are, they can be amusing) and also reduce common questions like 'so what power is everyone getting with the CP2 map/package'

I do appreciate that if people who start threads put 'topic tags' in, it would help owners use the 'search' function more efficiently, but not much can be done about that.

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There are already dedicated sections for companies that are forum sponsors where such threads can be posted in or just write an appropriate title and tag it well so it comes up in searches.


All of the functionality is there already to make well indexed threads, members just don't bother to use it to its full advantage.

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