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Compatibility for Turbosmart Kompact EM BOV VR2 Plumb Back

- - - - - turbosmart kompact em hybrid stage 3

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Hi All,


Had bit of an experience and wondering if others have been in the same boat?


I purchased the AET Turbos V1+ (hybrid) and have the corresponding Peron Stage 3 tune. (The car has all required supporting mods plus more).


The hybrid uses the Turbosmart IWG-75, and I opted to go with the Turbosmart Kompact EM BOV VR2 Plumb Back as my bypass valve.


The problem is that I had flutter on every gear change. When at low speeds and low boost, it was very quiet, but still easily heard. Moving up through the rev band and vehicle speed, the flutter became louder and high pitched.


The car also had what seemed to be total boost loss between first and second gears no matter what.


After discussions with various manufacturers, including Turbosmart, I refitted my GFB DV+, reflashed the stage 3 tune, and all has been well since. Really big difference I assure you.


(Note that the workshop who changed the bypass units over said the Turbosmart plunger moves smoothy and easily, and the electrical harness is working).


I spoke to Turbosmart and told them what the resistance measurement was from the harness, and I was told it was "a bit high". Be that as it may, the unit was returned to Turbosmart and their engineer says all is working correctly.


I also provided the details to Peron for their information, given the chance that the resistance measurement might somehow play havoc with the actuation signal in the tune.


Has anyone else experience a compatibility problem with stock frame hybrids and the Turbosmart bypass I am referring to?


Turbosmart agreed to refund the cost of the unit, plus postage to return it, even before the current COVID-19 situation, but still waiting as the weeks pass. The staff have been helpful and polite though, so no real drama.


Thanks all,




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I have a dual valve turbosmart EV (full electronic) valve on my Revo RT330 and it works much better than the GFB valve did (had signs of sticking). I would have bought the plumb back version but thought expelling some of the pressurised air would help the surge type tendencies of these bigger turbo conversions. Can’t say it’s quieter, but the valve disguises some of the other toots it was making. Boost pressure is much more consistent than it was, as it the way the throttle modulates. 

I’m of the opinion these conversions are not the smoothest or most refined, so you have to drive them in a particular way. I also drive what is effectively a Corsa VXR (SRi turbo) that’s quieter, but has its drivability issues at 200bhp!

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