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Gear Box Issues

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I've got gearbox issues i think it probably need replacing but i have been told it might be the gear box cable?


Basically i have no drive in 1st 2nd and 3rd but the bottom of the gear box is fine. I can no go sideways across the gearbox from 1st to 3rd. 


Am i right in think this will need a rebuild?


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If you're struggling to move the gear stick into the designated slots for the gears, I would check how the cables are attached to the gearbox first.

Jack the front of the car up and drop it onto some jackstands on either side.

Slide ya' head under the bumper and you should see a black box on the front of the gearbox. The box splits apart just from some clips on the front.

Poke your head about and make sure none of them cables and being pushed or caught anywhere.

When I put my new engine in, the gearstick needed a good tug to get it into gear. I just re-arranged how the cables ran so they were more free so to speak and this loosened up the gearstick.


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It could be 2 reasons that the box is moving heavy.
It could be the bushings in the heads of the cables or it could be the lever that is moving right to left on the gearbox.
Check the bushings and if they are ok, remove the selector lever and polish the axle and sand the inner of the selector lever with 1200 wet and dry.
After this use some ceramic grease and put it back together.
Should be moving smoothly again.

Regards Roy

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