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Car goes into limp mode when maintaining 4k+ revs

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Hi all.

I got my car remapped a couple days ago for it to be adjusted for the cosworth replica inlet. Upon driving home I took the motorway, and when Im holding 4k revs or above the car makes some pops, then jumps and goes into limp mode. I turned the car off and back on and it went out of limp mode and drove normally until I was back at the stage of holding 4k revs, so I got off the motorway and took the road so I didnt have to sit at high revs. once I got home I scanned the engine code and it was p2110.

Now Ive tried an elimination process of changing the coil pack, spark plugs, throttle body and Im still left with the same problem. I took it back to my mapper and had the old map put back on to see if there was a problem with my current one and yet its still doing the same issue, although it made it to his place fine on the motorway.

If I just go full throttle and change gear itll pull fine and not bog down, give an engine light, or go into limp mode. But as soon as I leave it running at 4k or above and just tap the throttle to maintain the speed, boom it goes again.

Sorry for the long thread I just wanted to try and be as specific as possible for anyone who may know whats wrong.

Thanks, Jake


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Hi there,


My car is stock 2007 ST 150, and I had weird issue on the highway when keeping it around 4k RPM.

Similar to yours, but mine did not go to limp mode, only had misfires detected, like knock but different.

This happened mainly after keeping it for few minutes around 4k and then flooring it for an overtake. Did not happen if i squeezed the throttle.


Changed spark plugs, cables, coil pack. It was better, but did not solve the problem.


At the end it was fuel. Apparently in Croatia Premium 95 is not exactly 95. I believe that it also contains an unhealthy percentage of water.

Now i am using Premium 100, and it salved all my problems. The car runs amazing, smooth and pulls well.


The difference was immediate, but the car also run a little better every new gas tank.


Also used this with first tank of 100 Premium:,aps,197&sr=8-1

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