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Car starts for 5/6secs then stalls. PLEASE HELP!

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Hi Guys, 

New to the forum and I really need your help! 

It’s quite the story but I will try to keep it brief. Haha


I bought a Standard 2007 ST150 Road Car last year as a track car project. 
I did three track days without any issues and the car ran faultlessly.

During lockdown I sent the car away to get a roll cage fitted. 
The garage that fitted the cage, lost the key. 
I bought an ECU Kit and fitted the ECU, BCM, ABS Pump, Clock, Key, Barrel. 
Car starts but only runs for 5/6secs and then stalls. 
See video attached.

It has fuel, spark, etc etc. 
On OBD there are no faults apart from Clutch Sensor. 

I have spend days and days trying to diagnose the fault but with no success. 
Replaced plugs & fuel filter, checked/cleaned, fuel rail, injectors, throttle body, fuel pump, tank, earth points, fuses etc etc.


Any help or advice would be greatly greatly appreciated!! I am puzzled. 






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Now my only engine diagnostic experience comes from VAG group engines in forklifts so take this with a pinch of salt. 


I've had exactly this issue with the engines I've worked on in forklifts. What it turned out to be for me almost every time was the camshaft sensor failing or the wiring being chaffed or chewed. When you first start the engine it just runs off the crank sensor and runs in wasted spark and bank injection mode. After a few seconds it looks for the camshaft sensor to switch to the proper ignition mode and sequential injection but it can't because the signal isn't there so it :censored: the bed. 


Again I have no experience on ford engines so don't know if this applies but that's what it's been in my experience hope it can help :)

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Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

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