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Please help issues when driving

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Right let me point out straight away I have a

ford fiesta zetec 1.4 automatic

I know its not an ST but I have spent so much money now I'm begging for help

My car a 56 plate facelift model and done 59k miles I am the second owner and have a full service history as the car came from Ford mobility scheme there's no reason for me not to believe otherwise I myself have spent close to 2k since having the car over the last 3 years

So up until about 6 months ago my car was perfect took me all over the UK from northwest (where I live) to Devon all the way upto Glasgow without hiccup I didn't even have brake down cover as she was a dream.

And so the fun begins so on my way to work one morning on a hill she decided to just stop engine still running no rev's just ticking over nicely but no power strange so turned her off and back on all good. However now she just loses all power when driving its only for a few seconds 5 or 10 then she kicks straight back in and continues the warning light comes on a few seconds after and then goes off but she will do It again and again so I have stopped driving her for the time being but the most annoying thing is she runs and drives perfectly.

I have taken her to two well respected garages (robbs auto Merseyside) who specialise in auto rebuilds as I thought it was the gearbox who has said she runs brilliantly and there is no issue with the gearbox and suggests its electrical so I have taken her to (advance auto electrical engineers wirral) they have both scanned the car and both times have told me there are issues communicating with the ecu as pictured below on the read out. Has anyone in the community had this issue or know of anyone who has and how it was fixed

My step-dad has suggested replacing the ecu with a secondhand same make and model and year but I'm unsure if this will help the issue.

And I can't scrap her because I have a year left on finance and regardless of the fact she doesn't work they aren't interested and just want paying before I scrap it

Any help guys would be much appreciated.
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Sounds like the throttle signal is breaking down on the way to the ECU to me but i'm no Leckie expert, I don't even know where you could even look for the electrical plugs sockets related to this.....


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You say 'as pictured below on the readout' but I think you've forgotten the picture. It could be any number of things, but the fault codes might help narrow it down a bit.


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Is it just the revs or all the clocks (speedo, fuel)? Just revs would suggest something throttle related possibly, all the clocks would be wider electrical cause. There is a PCM (powertrain control module) as well as the ECU, I'm not sure which one is responsible for the clocks but a lot of things are actually done by the PCM.

When people have had issues with the clocks on STs it has sometimes been as simple as a bad earth connection from a corroded earth strap, the common one being the earth underneath the battery tray.

Probably worth checking the battery is good just in case too. Mine is currently off the road with an electrical issue as well (alternator I'm thinking)

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