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  1. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Seen so many recently, used to be a very rare sight around my way... Red Mk7 - Friday morning at around 7:30 - Hunger Hill roundabout/Asda in Poole (saw another red one later that day too, about 16:20 at Cabot Lane traffic lights - not sure if it was the same one). Spirit Blue Mk7 - Friday...
  2. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Saw you waiting at the front of the queue at the lights coming from Fleetsbridge area, you turned right and went towards Broadstone... I saw you catch a glimpse of my Mk6, if only for a second :nice: Anyone on here?
  3. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Saw you coming off the roundabout in Broadstone, heading down the Broadstone Way towards Poole. Red Mk7 at about 13:50 on Saturday afternoon... First new ST I have seen in the flesh and have to say, it looks much better than in pictures
  4. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Saw you in the car park behind Budgens/Boots/Tesco in Broadstone on 8th April 2013, so I parked next to you Seen this car a few times now in this area, along with another blue pre facelift. Not seen any STOC decals on either of your cars so a bit hopeful posting this I think... Anyway, here...
  5. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Was coming home from the gym in Corfe Mullen and you came up behind me from the little roundabout by Esso. Was a 54 plate pre facelift in Performance Blue with white side stripes, quite a tidy looking blonde woman in if I may say so Was about 6pm on the 8th April 2013... Have seen you a few...
  6. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Saw a white ST while waiting at the red lights down by Cabot Lane. You were driving towards Broadstone from Poole along the Broadstone way at about 4:30pm on Monday 25th Feb 2013. I didn't see any STOC decals... Are you on here? Looked about 19/20 years old, male...
1-6 of 6 Results