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  1. Car Care and Detailing
    Purchased a vacuum head for cleaning my home gutters. Tried it on my car today for the wheels and arches and can only say Im impressed. Allows me to get in behind the wheels without removing them. I could also get right in to the arches. Highly recommend
  2. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Hi guys, I posted a little while back regarding myself looking at an ST in Leeds but was put off by the rev dropping issue. Well I actually took the plunge and bought it. Had 62K miles, got 12 months MOT, full service (plugs filter and oil change) 3 month warranty at any trade garage full...
  3. Car Care and Detailing
    I know a lot of you have the ITG induction kit i have now after changing from a forge kit because of rubbing on the induction hose but I must ask if anyones has got wet or covered in snow foam when washing I am worried because of where it is and the water will run down onto the filter have...
  4. Mk7 Lighting & Electrical
    I'm wondering if there is anyway that the beeping noise can be de-activated once the ignition is on and the driver's door is opened? Reason for asking: I use a small portable hoover for cleaning which is powered by the 12V ciggarette lighter, but to hoover the drivers side the door must be...
  5. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Raced me in my mk7 zetec s and I lose very badly :( would love to know what this guy has had done to his fiesta St. Nice looking car aswell mate! Good fun! Hope to meet you again at any ford meets!!!
  6. Discount Codes and Online Deals & Offers
    I've been in contact with The Waxpack to see if they can sort out a deal for us at FiestaSToc. Here's a little bit about The Waxpack; 'The WaxPack is a surprise sample company featuring all things LSP (last stage protection) so anything from waxes, sealants and quick detailers. The products...
  7. Car Care and Detailing
    hi all, looking at getting seats cleaned (half leather) i was looking at getting a vax to hire to suck out all of crap, any ideas? any good products you use to clean? cheers adam
1-7 of 9 Results