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  1. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Anyone on here?
  2. Motor Insurance, VED, Law and Finance
    Hi, Some idiot pulled out in front of me and crashed into my ST MP215 and has caused considerable damage to the front end . My insurers took the car to one of their approved garages to get an estimate and what came back was a joke. They were trying to respray parts instead of replacing and had...
  3. General Topic Discussion
    Hello all, As stated in the thread title I had my car hit by a cyclist last week and would like some advice or guidance if any of you deal with the law or have shared a similar experience? I was driving home from the shops last thursday afternoon and making a left turn at a T-Junction in...
  4. Fiesta ST MK7 Discussion
    Well today, i was driving down a long straight road when suddenly in front of me appears a green land rover from a side street.... ST SMASH! stupid didnt even look right when she was pulling out! not exactly the most inconspicuous car in the world! First ST down??? Luckily all her fault...
  5. Mk6 Suspension, Steering & Chassis
    Hello, I had a little accident the other week, there was a burst water pipe and the water was frozen, I skidded into the back of a car which slammed on in front of me. The car has been to the garage and apparently my suspension and steering is in working condition, they mentioned my alloy was...
1-5 of 5 Results