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  1. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    When do people think the mk8 fiesta will be facelifted? I'm currently 2.5 years into a 4 year PCP in an Audi S3 saloon and a new ST is the front runner for its replacement. I've been fortunate in that when I got the Audi it had just been facelifted and as a result it will still be the 'new S3'...
  2. New User Meet and Greet
    Hello all. Just bought a 2008 facelift ST in blue, 27k on the clock. My 7th fiesta. Now have my 6th fiesta to sell, a 1.8tdci freestyle. The ST reminds me of my XR2i, but a bit more refined. Will be going to The Ford Fair so may catch up with some of you. 😎
  3. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Very tidy looking standard(?) Panther Black ST in the car park for Stonehenge today. Anyone on here?
  4. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    In the facelift ST with the Sony head unit, it has real problems reading newer CDs due to them being slightly thinner... Older CDs are thicker and have no issue with skipping etc but if you buy a new Album they tend to be on thinner discs that are EXTREMELY problematic at even the smallest bump...
  5. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Saw you parked up on the pavement today. I was going past in my car. You had other yellow bits n accent pieces on the car and a club sticker in the rear window
  6. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Hi guys. During my time on here I've seen a lot of threads of people asking what certain types of head units look like in the ST, so heres what the 8400BT looks like. Front view: Side view: The screen tilts upwards and can be removed for security (comes with a small case to carry it around...
  7. Mk6 Lighting & Electrical
    Thinking of upgrading my front sidelights as I've got one out at the moment - can anyone recommend some decent white / slight blue ones that theyve used? If you have any pictures then I'd be grateful if you chucked them on! :D Ta muchly!
1-7 of 7 Results