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  1. South Central
    South West region planning a trip to Cheddar Gorge within the next month or two, anybody fancy it? The plan: Availability: Please register your...
  2. South West
    Cheddar Gorge 2017 - AvailabilityWhich day/s of the week are you usually available the entire day?Monday14.35%Tuesday14.35%Wednesday14.35%Thursday28.70%Friday00.00%Saturday939.13%Sunday939.13%
  3. South West
    Morning all, got a bit of an idea for you all. Here goes... I have finally made up my mind and within the next few months once I get the money together I will be having a shiny new catback fitted to my MK6. Either before or after I've had this done I was thinking about getting a bunch of us...
  4. South West
    Hi all, been quiet from me recently. Had an extremely busy month and a bit, but it's back to reality now. It's a bit short notice but I'm planning on holding this month's meet on Sunday 13th October. It will be held at the same location September's meet was, Poole Quay. The plan is to meet at...
  5. Ford Fair We are group area number 5. Is this the normal spot for the three STOC groups? Just thought I'd share the link and layout for those that (like me) haven't been before.
1-5 of 5 Results