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  1. Mk7 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi Thought you might like to see the LED spotlights and Hella supertone horns i've just fitted behind my front grille. The physical install is done but they aren't wired up yet - I could do it but feel more comfortable with taking that part to a professional. It's going in for MR230 in a weeks...
  2. Mk7 Interior & Exterior | Bodywork & Styling
    Hey I was wondering if it was possible to fit the red strip to my ST front grill or if not do I have to just straight swap it? I might get the honeycomb part sprayed white with a red outline...
  3. Mk6 Interior & Exterior | Bodywork & Styling
    working in a car body shop in Doncaster. offering to paint people's grille's, diffuser radio fascia's etc.. using Base coat and lacquer. all the primers and paint are from lechlar which are car quality paints. Front Grille (complete) - £55 Fog Light surrounds - £25 Rear diffuser - £45 Radio...
1-3 of 3 Results