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  1. Mk8 Lighting & Electrical
    I know there has been a recall for contamination on the standard mk8 lights but I seem to have the same issue with my full LED lights... Are anyone's the same?
  2. Mk7 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi all, Out of curiosity does anyone else have DRL lights that won't come on when you unlock the car or turn the car off? They used to work perfectly fine, and still work as they should when the car is running. The problem occurs when the car is off. When you unlock your car they should come...
  3. Mk6 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi all, I want to tap into the flasher\main beam wire at the indicator stalk of my Mk6.5 ST150. After studying the Haynes wiring diagram (for the non-ST) I've cut through the green\yellow wire only to find the main beam still works and the dipped beams don't! I'm wondering if the ST wires are...
  4. Fiesta ST MK7 Discussion
    Hi all, this is my first post and I could do with some help. I have a 66 plate fiesta st2 and need a new headlamp unit, but I can't seem to find anywhere selling them. Be nice if I could find some with black inserts, but standard chrome with led running lights is sound. Any advice or websites...
  5. Mk6 Lighting & Electrical
    I am trying to find some bulbs for my headlights that produce a nice white light. I don't want ones that will reflect or emit any blue light and likewise yellow. Can anyone recommend some bulbs that produce a nice consistent brilliant kind of white? So far I have tried Osram Nightbreaker...
  6. Mk6 Interior & Exterior | Bodywork & Styling
    Found this picture of an St online. Wondered if anyone could tell me what the lights are? Or fail that something similar? Cheers
  7. Mk6 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a bit of advice concerning replacing headlights. I'm looking at swapping out the stock lamps with this set of angel eyes. I've had the stock lamps off (easy enough), but I've never done a job like this before and there's a few things I'm unsure about. Firstly...
  8. Mk6 Faults, Problems and Solutions
    So I recently got a facelift ST and since I've had it I noticed the left headlights main beam was out (or so I thought) I also noticed a lot of people flashing me recently. Today I noticed that the left main beam was actually stuck on when dipped headlights are on, but when I turn the main beams...
  9. Mk6 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi guys, The dipped beams in my angel eyes point straight down at the road, making driving on unlit roads quite dangerous. The main beams are adjusted by a little silver cog bottom right of attached image. I assume the dipped beams are adjusted by the silver bolt above the housing...
  10. Mk7 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi all New to the forum, first post 😃 Picked up my new red ST2 last week. All going well so far, just one issue - the rubbish headlights. I had read a few people on here saying they were quite poor, and now I see why. They are really weak and don't give me much confidence to put my...
  11. Mk6 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi all Im wanting to spray the back of my headlights black to mach my plastic, There is a guid on here but it seems to have an error code onit so i carnt open it :/ so if any one could give me any tips or a link to a thread will be very much apriciated Steve
1-11 of 12 Results