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  1. Mk7 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi all Over the winter I started really losing my patience with the awful headlights and using main beam at every given chance! I have already fit HID's which has helped marginally, but the output still isn't great. I've seen a couple posts online of people using LED light bars and i'm really...
  2. Mk7 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi all, As title really - what size diameter are the bulb cover domes for LED bulbs on the fiesta. have seen these and they're a fair but cheaper than other websites...
  3. Electrics & Lighting
    Hi all, Another how to which may be useful in the future. Heres how to change the rear indicator bulbs on the Mk8 fiesta. Its a bit of a faff with a poor design from Ford but all in all, its not too difficult. I upgraded to LEDs in this video, but of course the process is the same for...
  4. Mk7 Lighting & Electrical
    Hello, im looking to replace my front fogs on my mk7 ST for LED's. Has anyone done this and can recommend LED's to get? or things to look out for? I believe the standard bulbs are H11 but im not sure what the LED equivalent is or how hard they are to change? Thanks
  5. Mk7 Faults, Problems and Solutions
    Does anyone know how to change the led inside the door sill, I've got a frozen white st and I want to have blue leds instead of the standard red that come with the car but I can't seem to find how to get in and change the led from red to blue. Any advice anyone?
  6. Discount Codes and Online Deals & Offers
    With the current interest in LED bulbs I have secured us a 10% discount with AutoBeam Just enter JFLA10 at checkout [sharedmedia=core:attachments:451777]
  7. Mk7 Lighting & Electrical
    Can't see anybody talking about this on here. I got my new mk7 ST-2 a few months ago and I've recently noticed my third brake light (the strip above the rear windscreen) is not working. I've had a look myself but can't see any obvious problems. If anybody has had any experience with this could...
  8. Mk6 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi everyone. I need a bit of info of the type of surface mount LED that is used for the ABS warning light as after about a year of owning my ST I found the ABS system wasn't working. The previous owner had damaged the ABS sensors on the rear. I have since fixed the sensors, ran diagnostics and...
  9. Mk7 Lighting & Electrical
    Anyone know what fitment type the number plate bulbs are? I want to fit bright White LED's , Anyone got a Picture on here?
  10. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Has anybody got a list and quantities of LED fitments for all lamps on the car? I have used the search function and nothing came up. Thanks, James
  11. Mk7 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi , Just to let people know instead of paying FORD silly amount of money for replacement fog lamps I found these on ebay i have not...
  12. Electrics & Lighting
    This has come up a few times now and so at the suggestion of another member, I have decided to copy the information from my project thread into a stand alone 'How To' guide for you all :) This update is courtesy of st07; thanks for testing this out and giving me the info! As some of you may be...
  13. Mk6 Lighting & Electrical
    I am having problems with changing the front sidelight bulbs to LED ones. Tried two different types now and neither have worked. Both should work as far as I am aware, 501 w5w. Is there anything else needed for them to work or a reason why they don't I have LED reg plate bulbs working fine
  14. Mk6 Lighting & Electrical
    As you can see I've bought an LED light for the middle but does anyone know where i can get LED's for the 2 other bulbs and what the name of them is? I've had a look on ebay but i can only find the middle one. Any help would be awesome! Cheers!
  15. Mk6 Lighting & Electrical
    Hey Hey Anybody got a pic with one of these or similar? If you've got one, is it a straight swap? does wiring need altering? Thanks Stu
  16. Mk6 Lighting & Electrical
    Today I fitted my new number plate LED's and they look NICE! Im looking to get the same in the interior as i have seen these on ebay. I was wondering if you can get the two side ones replaced as well or are they the same size? Help appriciated.......................
1-16 of 16 Results