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  1. Fiesta ST MK7 Discussion
    Hi all, I got these spacers delivered today and I'm pretty sure that the nut that came with the 15mm spacers are too long. Surely they should sit flush with the top of the hole? Kinda at a loss here.....
  2. Mk7 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Hi All, I have looked though various posts and forums but could not find anything conclusive. I have recently bought a Mountune induction kit, and was also thinking about changing the Induction Hose. I know there are various opinions on the value added with these, but what I am not sure about...
  3. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    Just made an account dedicated to the car. Does anyone have any instagram accounts with their car which I can follow? Or if anyone could give me a follow, @mk8_st_pe. Would highly appreciate it 😀
  4. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    I've recently picked up a MK8 ST and I love it. it feels like such a strong engine despite the small displacement however I've heard the MK7 has better top end power. From people who have driven both, which is the faster car out of the two and which one do you prefer?
  5. Fiesta ST MK7 Discussion
    Hello, I've had my mk7 fiesta ST for about a year now and I was looking into doing some small mods. So I was wondering what you guys changed about your cars first. Exhaust? Wheels? Wrap? Suspension? What sounds best? What fits and looks good? What's the experience like after a good amount...
  6. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Hi all Just picked up my 16 plate ST today, absolutely over the moon with it! Can certainly see why they get so much praise. Apologies if this has already been discussed but I couldnt find it on here. My friend has informed me that these cars tend to get stolen a fair amount & to invest in...
  7. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Hi guys I have tried to search on here but can only find info on the mk8 etc, where can I get my maps updated on my cars sat nav? Thanks
  8. Ford Parts, Accessories and FINIS Codes
    Hi all, Just had my car serviced and its been marked down for the passenger and driver Inner CV and CV boots but when ive been researching online i carn't seem to find the right part. Has anyone bought this parts before and if you have where did you get them from. Help is much appreciated as...
  9. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    I've been wanting to change my SD card in my sat nav for a while now, and now it is getting closer to christmas I thought it would be a nice treat for my ST, Having found the latest version on the Ford website for £81.90 I then found that it was out of stock. Wondering if going to my local Ford...
  10. Mk7 Servicing and Maintenance
    Hi all I have a 2017 (17) ST3 covered approx 28k. Bought from Ford Dec 19 with extended warranty. Rang two local Ford dealers and been quoted £327.24 and £334.59! I have contacted Mountune to see if they are better priced however unable to quote me due to what sound like issues at the moment...
  11. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Does the Mk7 have a different aerial for both DAB radio and FM? I've got the short Richbrook fitted and have had it for about a year and haven't had any DAB reception issues up until now. In the last week though the DAB signal keeps dropping out and reverting to FM which sounds naff. It isn't...
  12. Fiesta ST MK7 Discussion
    Hi All, I own a MK7 Fiesta ST-3 and i'm worried about some missing fuses I have in the engine compartment. Fuse number 14 is missing which is a 10 amp fuse meant for the water pump according to the booklet Also relay 7 is missing which is the engine cooling fan. I bought the car of Arnold...
  13. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Sorry if it's been raised before but, just trying to do anything I can to avoid the dreaded stolen ST scenario and thought I would see if anyone has tried fitting an isolation switch to the start button wiring so that it isolates the feed to the starter? This seems to be a cheap and in theory...
  14. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    My Sync needs updating on my so my question is how do I update it?
  15. Mk7 Faults, Problems and Solutions
    Hi, Apologies if this isn't the correct area to post this. I've had my MK7 ST for just over a month now, it has had the following mods done: Cobra sports exhaust VUDU decat Pumaspeed stage 2 remap It sounded absolutely incredible to drive up until last night when I decided to put the foot...
  16. Mk7 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Hello! I've been reading up recently about an issue with the MK7 where the engine, when hot, is quite rough at idle and has a noticeable engine knock. People mentioned it might have to do with the VVT or the incorrect tolerances at bottom end. Many people said an oil change to 0W40 helped...
  17. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Long story this but I hope it of some use. Lots of talk on other forums about the Sony sound system and can it be improved and what would be the first changes. For the last year or so an auto electrician had been trying to convince me to change my Sony speakers to fit his own brand. If you...
  18. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Anyone who running aftermarket speakers as jl or something else with factory sony headunit without amp? I want to know except of sound quality is these loud as oem speakers or no ?
  19. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Hi. Im upgrading my stereo in my MK7 ST-2 to an Apple CarPlay Unit, few places quoted 300+ for the labour for doing it! So I thought Id try and do it myself, I was wondering if anyone knows if theres a decent step by step guide on how to do it on here? Ive already got the Connect 2 Fascia Kit...
  20. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Does anyone know of any tutorial or how to, to get access to the rear speakers on a 3 door? Does the rear seat have to come out to be able to remove the rear interior panels? The access seems very awkward & not very straightforward. Cheers for any help at all.
1-20 of 184 Results