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  1. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Just taken a walk down Poole Quay/Baiter Park and had a black MK6 ST drive by.
  2. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Was behind the car behind you at the traffic lights by the Shah Of Persia in a Frozen White MK6 ST, from what I could see your number plate ended in 'TOH'. Yellowish rear ST inlay and fiestastoc stickers in the rear windows. Anyone on here?
  3. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    @AMc this time it was me! By Asda in Poole, had completely forgotten what lane I had to be in hence my dodgy lane change! Both had the Mrs in the car I believe?! PS. will be arranging my next monthly meet ASAP, been so busy since getting back on the road!
  4. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    I had just come off the dual carriagway (Upton Bypass) and you let me out onto Poole Road in all that lovely traffic. Was about 17:40ish White Mk6 with white plastics up front, blue side stripes, lowered and sounded as though you had some sort of aftermarket exhaust on? Anyone on here? :)
  5. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Spotted on the dual carriageway (A3049) between the 2 roundabouts by Tower Park, you were heading North. Couldn't spot a reg as the central barrier was in the way, just saw the windscreen upwards :lol: Was about 15:45 yesterday afternoon. I wasn't in my ST, was driving the gf's Corsa (booo)...
  6. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Spotted the other side of Hunger Hill roundabout at about 06:45 this morning, clean looking ST500 taking the turn off to go down West Street towards Poole Quay/Hamworthy. Anyone on here? Was too far away to see if it had club decals on...
  7. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    I was behind you from Hunger Hill roundabout all the way over Twin Sails into Hamworthy before you turned off left and gave a thumbs up at the weekend just gone. Not sure if you noticed due to any glare on my windscreen, but I returned the gesture :nice: Didn't spot any club decals, so not...
  8. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Spotted on Monday 23.01.2017 at about 16:10 at Hunger Hill roundabout in Poole. Looked very clean considering the time of year. Didn't catch the reg as you were moving through traffic a little bit in the distance from me. Anyone?
  9. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Spotted on Dear Hay Lane just outside the post office at about 13:20 on Friday 03.02.2017. Performance Blue Mk6, reg began HG55. Car was either extremely full or has been lowered a lot. Looked like you were trying to find somewhere to park... Anyone?
  10. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Spotted just now parked up in the old town of Poole, just off from the quay... Anyone?
  11. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Spotted you whilst on my lunch break near the train station/Asda. Was a red Mk6 facelift with black aftermarket alloys (couldn't tell what as you were still moving at the time then stopped at the lights with a car to your left blocking my view) and aftermarket exhaust of some sort. Private reg...
  12. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Spotted a frozen white MK7 this morning heading towards Poole as I was leaving (c09.15), pretty sure it had club stickers in the back window, but it was a fair distance away being dual carriageway n'all. :lmao:
  13. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Pretty sure I spotted @behappy on Constitution Hill roundabout by the pub, you took the exit onto Ashley Road and drove past me. Black spoiler lip, white mk7 ST. Car looked neat!
  14. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Spotted you heading over from Hamworthy into Poole via the Twin Sails Bridge at about 17:35 yesterday afternoon. Spirit Blue ST2 Didn't spot any club decals but who knows...anyone on here?
  15. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Had several decals/stickers on it; Speedhunters sunstrip...Recaro under front fogs...Hoonigan on rear window... Spotted at 16:30ish Anyone on here?
  16. South West
    Hi all, apologies I haven't been active much over the past few weeks. This month's a busy one for me as most of you know, just moved into mine and the Mrs first place together and in less than a week I'll be a married man and off to Croatia! :woohoo: Just a quick one to say I'll be getting our...
  17. South West
    Evening all, apologies it's a bit overdue and short notice for some. But this months meet will be held on Wednesday 14th down by Poole Quay. The plan is to meet at around 8pm (this hopefully steers clear of any work arrangements and gives people time to arrive) and hang around for a couple of...
  18. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Came out of Poole Road Tesco to find you parked next to me (I drive a frozen white MK6 ST). Performance blue, full stripes, white rear ST badge. Neat looking car! Anyone on here?
  19. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Just drove past you, by the Shah Of Persia/Poole Hospital. Anyone on here?
  20. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Who was just on Frizzell roundabout Poole/Bournemouth area in a Spirit Blue MK7 ST... I have my suspicions but I'm not sure if they're correct hahah! @AMc? @The_Dogging_Father? @Rob Jones? Anyone else?
1-20 of 39 Results