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  1. Fiesta ST MK7 Discussion
    I'm looking at having my totally stock ST 180 stage 1 mapped. I'm tied at the moment between the Collins performance cp2 flash map or getting it into a local tuner to have it live mapped (still waiting for them to get back to me with a price). Only thing putting me off the cp2 map is people...
  2. Mk7 ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    BBRGTI are proud to announce the re-launch of the Starchip brand following the success of the recent ST and RS conversions, the first two models launched will be the Focus ST MKIII and Fiesta ST MKVII Ecoboost models. Initially a stage 1 remap will be offered with a DIY OBD solution and this...
  3. South Wales
    Anyone know of any reliable rolling roads around the South Wales / South West area? Anyone interested in a group thing too?
  4. Yorkshire & The Humber
    So after speaking to a customer at work about my car and finding out he owned a tuning centre, I took my car up for a power run but unfortunately my car is too low. I did however get talking to him further and discovered he does rolling road days for Owners Clubs. So first of all I would like...
  5. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Does anyone know of a rolling road in Dorset. Preferably within a reasonable proximity to Bournemouth. I'm aware of Reed Performance, but they're booked up until mid-may. I was hoping to get the car dyno'd sooner than that.
  6. North East
    Here are the pics that I got from the day. At least the fog lifted down at Northallerton!
1-6 of 6 Results