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  1. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    Hi everyone, does anyone know how on earth the MK8 Fiesta ST has much more gains with a stage 1 map compared to the MK7 Fiesta ST. Don’t get me wrong as a MK8 owner I’m glad it’s the case but I’m baffled as to how that’s even possible with the engine being smaller and only 3 cylinders 🤷‍♂️.
  2. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    I was just wondering what other people's opinions were on what they think would retain its value in the long term more, the Performance Edition, or the Edition? I'm hoping its the Performance Edition but I was just wondering what other people thought as the Performance Edition is UK market only...
  3. Mk8 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Hi everyone, I was wondering why Ford decided to go with a timing chain on the MK8 ST. I'm glad they did I was just wondering why they did it, with the 1.0s being wet-belts due to less emissions and less noise. The MK7 ST was a cambelt so would anyone know why they changed to a chain? And with...
  4. Mk8 ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    Not had my ST Performance Edition for long but as of now I am loving it and feel like I could never get bored of it. I love the power delivery. The power it has actually feels enough however I've heard that a stage 1 tune changes it completely. If I were to I would probably pick the M235 package...
  5. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    Hi Everyone, My first post and my first Fiesta ST after driving Golfs for many years. I bought a 2020 ST-3 a couple of weeks ago, 1300 miles on the clock and advertised as having all options, including the panoramic roof, blind spot assist, performance pack etc... I am loving the car, but I am...
  6. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    Just made an account dedicated to the car. Does anyone have any instagram accounts with their car which I can follow? Or if anyone could give me a follow, @mk8_st_pe. Would highly appreciate it 😀
  7. Mk8 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Just as an update if anyone is interested. My torque mount felt a bit worn out despite the car doing 9,000 miles. Maybe the last owner got carried away with their launch control 😂. I was thinking about an aftermarket mount but I knew it would void my warranty. I have access to the ford...
  8. Mk8 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    The torque mount on the MK8 ST feels so weak, the engine feels like it moves a lot in the bay and it's not a nice feeling at all. I didn't really want to mod my car but does anyone reckon if I put bushes on the OEM torque mount that would help with the stability of the engine, I didn't really...
  9. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    Hi, does anyone know the part number for the stock rear torque mount for the MK8 ST?
  10. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    I've recently picked up a MK8 ST and I love it. it feels like such a strong engine despite the small displacement however I've heard the MK7 has better top end power. From people who have driven both, which is the faster car out of the two and which one do you prefer?
  11. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    So far Rear torque mount Short shift Airtec induction Pro alloy crossover pipe Revo intercooler Revo stage 2 Maxton design skirts splitters spoiler cap and diffuser 10mm wheel spacers Strobe mirror indicators. Dmb gel badge overlays. Got the stickers for around fog lights. Too windy and...
  12. Ford Parts, Accessories and FINIS Codes
    Hi all, Just had my car serviced and its been marked down for the passenger and driver Inner CV and CV boots but when ive been researching online i carn't seem to find the right part. Has anyone bought this parts before and if you have where did you get them from. Help is much appreciated as...
  13. Fiesta ST MK7 Discussion
    I'm looking at having my totally stock ST 180 stage 1 mapped. I'm tied at the moment between the Collins performance cp2 flash map or getting it into a local tuner to have it live mapped (still waiting for them to get back to me with a price). Only thing putting me off the cp2 map is people...
  14. New User Meet and Greet
    Just wanted to say that i've now become a member of the Fiesta family, I'm 43 but have only been driving for about 4 years :dry: . My car before this was a 2011Suzuki Swift Sport, i've now upgraded to a Fiesta ST-3 MP215 in race red. I'm absolutely blown away with the car. :thumbsup: Many...
  15. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    How long before my VIN shows details about my car? build date for example. VIN showed up almost 2 weeks ago. Still nothing on ETIS.
  16. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    Ordered my Fiesta ST in Performance Blue + Performance pack. Nothing else. Now i'm kinda regretting not getting full led headlights? Are they really worth it? Tbh i like the look of traditional headlights over LED moudles, plus low beams are already LED fitted. Is it really that better to...
  17. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    Hi so Ive bought an ST-3 Im going to upgrade the following- Rear Lights to LED 20mm Wheel Spacers Fog lights to LED Airtek Induction Kit Window Wind Deflectors Sweeping Rear Indicator lights KMS Exhaust Rear Spoiler Wrapped light up ST badge What are the best induction kits...
  18. New User Meet and Greet
    Hey guys happy to be here! Finally got myself a ST picked it up yesterday. ST-3 in Performance blue ☺ loved my first full day of having it!
  19. Custom | Unique Project Work
    Hi all, I've recently been working on the idea of some custom side badges, intended for the mk7 and onwards. Apologies if I've posted this incorrectly. Originally intended as a gift, I'm now developing them to learn more about the custom badging process and have a mirrored set. These are now...
  20. Fiesta ST MK8 Discussion
    Anyone on here got Mountune mudlfaps installed? If so any pictures and how are they to install. Currently have rallyflapz but thinking of changing over.
1-20 of 234 Results