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  1. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Thought I would put up a post about my St150 with some before and after shots and a bit about the car. Not a lot of MK6 action on here these days so this is for anyone to comment on and add to! Brought the car in March for £3k with just over 80,000 miles. Came with K&N induction...
  2. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Took my car (st150) to a garage and they've said my car has either started to get rod bearing knock. Or it's the timing chain/tensioner making knocking sound. I don't have the money right now to be getting everything stripped and checked nor replacing. Neither do I have the time to strip the car...
  3. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Hi, I bought a st150 today. Whilst driving home it started to make a clicking sort of sound only when accelerating. When taking my foot off the accelerator it would stop. What is this?
  4. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Hi guys, First post to please go easy on me haha. I've owned my ST150 for 4 months now. It's by far the most fun car I've owned and I thoroughly enjoy it. What I have come to notice is the back end seems to momentarily slip out when driving over a drain cover of any sort. This occurs even at...
  5. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Hello, I believe my fiesta is overheating, it's 2007 st. All started after I replaced the thermostat because it wouldn't close so in the winter the car couldn't get to the temp. After a new thermostat I noticed the fan spinning like crazy after parking at home even in the winter (even tho temp...
  6. New User Meet and Greet
    Hi Ive just joined up after picking my old St150 out of my storage unit was crashed 7 years ago and parked up. But Ive decided to fix it and then change a few bits. Thanks
  7. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Anyone else have a slight rattle when at low revs in every gear whilst accelerating. It goes away at about 2k rpm in every gear. No other knocks or dodgy sounds on idle and the car has ample amounts of power. I would appreciate any advice. Oh, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this...
  8. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Having difficulty finding any parts for moondust silver ST150 online... but there seems to be a lot of Zetec S out there in the breaker world. They look the same but can anyone categorically say that Zetec / ST150 external panels i.e. bonnet/boot/bumpers are interchangeable?
  9. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I've had my Mk6.5 ST150 for about a year now and I love it. It's an affordable race car that works as a daily driver. The only thing I can't bear is the extreme cabin noise at 70mph on the motorway. My phone detects it as being juuust under 80 decibels -...
  10. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Hi lads and lasses. This is my first post on here so be nice 😂. Ive replacing/tarrying up my front Suspension could people recommend a decent shock absorber other than B8s. Ive already have Eibach lowering springs Thanks
  11. Custom | Unique Project Work
    Hi people of the internet, meet bumble bee. I believe (please correct me if wrong) It's the only Radian Yellow full ST in the UK at the moment. Brief history of the car - Bumblebee started life in the lovely Swiss city of Geneva, kept lovely by 2 previous owners, I got it with 50k miles on the...
  12. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Hi, Is the mk6 st a competitor for the ep3 type R? Can any modifications to the ST make it quicker than type R?
  13. Mk6 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Hi, I am thinking of getting a catback exhaust (non resonated) but after listening to Milltek exhausts on st150's I find them a bit raspy with the tone they emit and am wanting something a bit deeper. Anyone have any suggestions that have worked for them? I am wanting to get a sound like the...
  14. Mk6 Faults, Problems and Solutions
    It is behind what you can see in image 4 - I don't know what it is and want to know if it's leaking and if so what it is can anyone help me? Thank you
  15. Custom | Unique Project Work
    Hi Everyone, have been on here for a while but finally decided to show my ST150. To start off with i show where ive come from to where i am now. i started off with a 2004 Civic Sport EP2 when i was 17. Then I purchased my 2003 EP3 (standard when i was 20) which i turned into a...
  16. New User Meet and Greet
    Hello everyone, joined a couple nights ago and just got round to posting. Recent mk6 frozen white owner.
  17. Mk6 Brakes, Wheels & Tyres
    I've recently purchased some Focus RS Brembo's to cope with the additional power I plan to be running soon (and because they look good!) and was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on running these at the front with stock rears? How unbalanced is the braking with the stock rears as they can't...
  18. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    So I've had my ST for around 3 weeks now and I'm trying to figure out whether I have a clutch or idle problem. Basically when I put the car in reverse and begin to move the revs can drop to as low as 500. Sometimes this happens in first gear but not as crucial, around 700-800 revs. It isn't a...
  19. Motor Insurance, VED, Law and Finance
    Has anyone used Admiral for ST150? I have recieved a quote of £1,132 as a 20yo with no mods declared (As none done as of yet) In the future I would be wanting to do the full exhaust system, induction kit, lowering springs, TRC splitters. They have not got back to me yet on what they approve...
  20. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    I've just bought a MK6 ST in PB. Grey Dash and full leather with 64k miles. Has anyone else bought a ST150 recently?
1-20 of 46 Results