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  1. Track & Motorsport
    All, MSVT have been kind enough to let me organise a group trackday on Wednesday 13th June. The format will be Full day open pit lane trackday. 07:30 Sign On 08:30 Briefing 09:00 Track Time Starts 13:00 Lunch Time 14:00 Track Time Resumes 17:00 Track Time Ends Noise limit: 105dB static...
  2. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Spotted on Barrack Road, Christchurch at lunchtime today, Spirit Blue MK7 ST with an STOC sticker on the rear windows and fitted with some rather tasty looking black/gunmetal grey Team Dynamic Pro Race 3's, they looked sweet. :wub:
  3. North East
    Popped down to the metro meet tonight (13/4/16) to be greeted by a plethora of mk7's and a few mk6 ST's, who are you all?! :lol: I was hiding in the corner over near pizza hut with my blue mk6
  4. Media | Sport | TV & Film
    Hi all, 5 days left to get a dream team in. After so many entries on the World Cup game it would be great to see some more numbers join in this one! Same details as the last game, emails have been sent out to previous entrants... if you are new (or forgotten) the details are below...
  5. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Hi everyone, So for those that do not know Mallory Park re-opened its doors to the public for the first time in a while. A few of us from the Midlands went to represent STOC in general, big thanks to Martin for organizing this. I think everyone who went will agree when I say we had a brilliant...
  6. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Took my ST to be protected for winter on Saturday, well happy with the result so went to grab a few pics afterwards. Apologies they are only iPhone quality, waiting for my mum to get a new camera so I can have her old one Done! Sean
  7. West Midlands
    After briefly discussing getting a large West Midlands meet organised with members on different forums we came up with the below meet. FiestaOwnersClub, FiestaSTOC & ZSOC will be attending so we should hopefully get some good numbers . The date is the 1st of December at 2pm, or 1:30 if you're...
  8. General Topic Discussion
    This could be either interesting or very boring.. but I am bored and wanted to try it out. Basically post a picture of you work space, so what your desk is like on a day to day basis when you browse the website! If you don't work on a desk or have a computer, and still manage to browse the...
1-8 of 8 Results