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  1. Mk6 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    As the thread title suggests, my throttle body is whining. I can only distinguish the whine when the ignition is on and the engine is off. The euphonious noise produced by the running engine drowns out the whine so I'm not certain it's still present after startup. When I turn the engine off and...
  2. Mk6 Faults, Problems and Solutions
    Need a bit of advice - I noticed a slight rattle once the engine got warm last week which only seemed to happen when the throttle was held open at a fixed point. If I booted it or closed it, it went away. My mind was thinking all sorts on the way to work - timing chain? tensioner? Then I...
  3. Fiesta ST MK6 Discussion
    Hi guys, I posted a little while back regarding myself looking at an ST in Leeds but was put off by the rev dropping issue. Well I actually took the plunge and bought it. Had 62K miles, got 12 months MOT, full service (plugs filter and oil change) 3 month warranty at any trade garage full...
  4. Mk6 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    First post on the forum, had my ST since about March now and loving it. Mine's unfortunately suffered the chocolate gearbox, and just had a new one at a little over a K :angry: Found a bloke on eBay the other day who bores out Fiesta ST throttle bodies for £100. Can't believe the difference it...
  5. Mk6 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    So with a good opportunity coming about I'm very tempted to throttle body my ST, I haven't seen much on here about doing it but if anyone knows of somebody that has, or possibly a decent thread on the subject that would be great help. Jack.
1-5 of 5 Results