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  1. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    @AMc this time it was me! By Asda in Poole, had completely forgotten what lane I had to be in hence my dodgy lane change! Both had the Mrs in the car I believe?! PS. will be arranging my next monthly meet ASAP, been so busy since getting back on the road!
  2. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    I had just come off the dual carriagway (Upton Bypass) and you let me out onto Poole Road in all that lovely traffic. Was about 17:40ish White Mk6 with white plastics up front, blue side stripes, lowered and sounded as though you had some sort of aftermarket exhaust on? Anyone on here? :)
  3. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Spotted on the dual carriageway (A3049) between the 2 roundabouts by Tower Park, you were heading North. Couldn't spot a reg as the central barrier was in the way, just saw the windscreen upwards :lol: Was about 15:45 yesterday afternoon. I wasn't in my ST, was driving the gf's Corsa (booo)...
  4. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Spotted on Monday 23.01.2017 at about 16:10 at Hunger Hill roundabout in Poole. Looked very clean considering the time of year. Didn't catch the reg as you were moving through traffic a little bit in the distance from me. Anyone?
  5. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Last Saturday night I bumped into a fellow Fiesta ST owner in an NCP carpark near Manchester's Piccadilly train station. I forget the chaps name but I do remember his ST being a lot louder than mine. And his lowered ST makes mine look like an SUV. I also learnt that covered car parks are a...
  6. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Pretty sure I spotted @behappy on Constitution Hill roundabout by the pub, you took the exit onto Ashley Road and drove past me. Black spoiler lip, white mk7 ST. Car looked neat!
  7. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Had several decals/stickers on it; Speedhunters sunstrip...Recaro under front fogs...Hoonigan on rear window... Spotted at 16:30ish Anyone on here?
  8. Custom | Unique Project Work
    So as some of you may have seen I collect my ST this morning, haven't stopped smiling yet. Such a step up in all ways from my previous car. Had to drive down to Birmingham this afternoon and was averaging 44mpg so was pretty happy. Went the back roads way home and it's safe to say this car is...
  9. Fiesta ST MK7 Discussion
    So after a week of waiting which felt like a year I'm finally picking my ST up this morning! I've got plans for this car so keep watching this space. I'll upload some pictures once I've got back from the dealership:)
  10. New User Meet and Greet
    New to the ST family. Wanted a change from my previous car and the ST drew my eye. Only popped into the dealership on Saturday to check out the stock and by Sunday afternoon I'm the proud owner of an Mk7 ST-1. I got a good deal on the car. It's a 65 plate with 6k miles on the clock, basically a...
  11. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    As the title describes, Team Heko wind deflectors, black plastics and a bonnet lip. Anyone on here?
  12. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Mover this post to the correct section admin please remove :P
  13. Custom | Unique Project Work
    Thought I'd start a thread on my ST to keep track of the car's progress. Since being the owner of this car, I must say it's the most fun and involving car I've ever driven. So here it is, my MK6 ST: Current Progress: 1. Luxury Car Mats (White Trim w/PVC Pad) - here 2. Climair Wind...
  14. Car Care and Detailing
    Hi All, Thought I'd share a tip with you all, if ever you get wax onto your black plastic trim just use a rubber eraser, it will bring it up to new in seconds, can't believe everyone is using trim restorer. Give it a go and let me know how you get on, Cheers
  15. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    So, even as snow might not be your everyday thing post your pics of FiST in the winter. Dirty, snowy, dark, damp, raining... everything goes. Hows your winter looking? Ill start off with mine, almost a month without washing, salt on the panels, everything frozen (had to keep heated windshield...
  16. Mk7 Servicing and Maintenance
    Hi everyone, Just bought this oil filter from SCC for my MK7 ST part no. EM5G-6714-AA, however, it is completely different to the larger white filter fitted from factory, is this correct? Hoping to do a break in service tomorrow, and will also be doing a service myself between dealer intervals...
  17. New User Meet and Greet
    I've just bought a white fiesta st mk6 57plate and I'm trying to find the old owner for information on the car it's got green highlights everywhere the owners name was graham turley he is from heathfield I'd appreciate any information on this car
  18. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Raced me in my mk7 zetec s and I lose very badly :( would love to know what this guy has had done to his fiesta St. Nice looking car aswell mate! Good fun! Hope to meet you again at any ford meets!!!
  19. Was It You... Fiesta ST Spotters
    Popped down to the dealership today, Dinnages in Portslade/Hove, and came across someone picking up their new pride and joy - ST in Frozen White with orange interior. Looked very nice I must say. Would be interested to know who this was to see how the dealership have been for you.. I've had an...
  20. New User Meet and Greet
    Finally upgraded from a Metal to an ST 3 :original: I've been mostly lurking on this forum for a couple of years now, but buying a house & other commitments have meant I couldn't afford an ST. Until now that is! Picked her up this morning & loving it so far :biggrin: . Had a good 80 mile drive...
1-20 of 45 Results