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For sale is my 2017 MO 5 door ST, full Ford service history, MOT until early September 2022. Will be sold with the remainder of a used car warranty, this covers up to £500 in repairs at MOT time, easily transferable to new owner, only needs a few details filling in.

I bought in September 2021 at around 31k miles, currently sits on just shy of 45k, has mainly been used to go up and down the country between work and home. Does have some damage but only stone chips on the bumper and 2 on the bonnet. One was sprayed over when the bumper was repainted before I purchased, and one is a fresh one that I got a few weeks ago in Whitby. I do have a MO touch up paint kit which will come with the car, I haven’t yet touched it up due to the colder weather, and the fact it lives outside.
I will add pictures later today or tomorrow once the ST200 wheels are removed. Will come on standard 17s with 4 x michelin tyres all with around 4mm tread as minimum. Alloys are unmarked (except for where the wheel nuts are) and have no kerbing. They have alloy gators on at present, but these will be removed once tyres are swapped over.

Happy to answer any questions, car is based in the North East. Test drives are welcome but it will be me driving. No mechanical issues whatsoever with the car.
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