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Both my front 205/40/18 (PS4) tyres will shortly need replacing while the rear have another couple of years on them. I'm investigating putting new 225/40/18 (PS4) on the rear and moving the 205/40/18 (PS4) on the front. What issues will this cause or can I expect to encounter with this setup? 馃 * This is due to cost per tyre rather than looks.

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Personally, I'd be coughing up the extra few 拢s for the right size.

But putting the wider and newer tyres on the back is the best option if you're going to replace two, then the other two later.

The reason for the post above about losing it on a bend is if the front has more grip than the rear, it can induce the rear end to slide out as it can't keep up with the grip levels of the front end.
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