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I have a Vt330r turbo for sale , it’s covered roughly 10k miles
Never ran a pop and bang map
No shaft play at all
No smoke from exhaust
A great example
Comes with a braided oil feed pipe
Turbosmart wastegate actuator
Airtec hot side boost pipe
Coolant lines
Turbosmart 90 silicone

never had a problem with the turbo , just wanted to change up the car to something else

looking for £900
Automotive tire Automotive mirror Motor vehicle Gadget Bumper

Plant Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Steering part

Motor vehicle Automotive exhaust Bumper Automotive exterior Exhaust manifold

Gas Metal Cylinder Artifact Machine

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper

Automotive tire Alloy wheel Wheel Rim Gas

Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Alloy wheel

Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle brake Motor vehicle Locking hubs
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