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Right, so I did a brief guide the other week on some DIY brackets for fitting gas struts to the bonnet.

Ive been thinking about how to make the brackets more simple and neater and have come up with the following solution:

I used an aluminium block 15mm square by about 65mm long that allowed holes to be drilled perpendicular to each other at each end.

Tire Wheel Bicycle Bicycle wheel Bicycle tire

As you can see its a much smaller assembly than what I had before and is just 2 holes.


If you buy the following gas struts you get four ball studs, two M 8 threaded one and two self tapping ones, but we dont need the self tapping ones, we need another M 8 ball stud each side which can be bought from ebay as linked below along with the other things we need to buy:

very stiff, you wont compress them between your hands, dont worry they're not broken, just need more leverage like when they are on the bonnet.

Ball Stud (x2):

Aluminium Block:
Ask the seller to cut the 250mm length into quarters (they will do this for you) so you get 4 blocks of about 6.25cm lengths (only need two, but since they already cut it for you seems pretty good value to me, plus you can have some spare if your drilling goes wrong)

M 8 Bolts:
Two are required

Making the bracket

Drill 8mm holes perpendicular to each other at each end.

Wood Rectangle Hardwood Plywood Aluminium

[Optional:- Enlarge one of the holes to accommodate the nut, i had a drill bit to do this, its just helps the nut have more thread to bite onto, so if you dont do this, dont use washers since you need all the thread possible on the ball stud]

Wood Gas Font Cylinder Auto part

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Metal Auto part

Automotive tire Wood Gas Rim Bumper

Assemble the ball stud in the bracket.

Wood Household hardware Door Material property Metal

Wood Household hardware Rectangle Material property Gas

Attach the bracket to the bonnet hinge by removing the top bolt and using a M 8 by 25mm bolt through the bracket into the bonnet. [Dont need the strut on it, pic is for illustration only]

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Line it up so its just off centre as shown before tightening it up fully, otherwise the strut will foul on the bulge of the bonnet.

Do the same for the other side at the same angle

Tire Wheel Bicycle Bicycle wheel Bicycle tire

I found putting a small piece of rubber behind the part of the bracket that sticks out further than the bonnet hinge just helps to stop a bit of bonnet flex and metal on metal contact.

The other ball stud is attached near the headlight. You need to replace one of the bolts with the ball studs you bought separately. May need filing down at the side that faces the front, since its a bit more chunky that the studs that come with the struts, to allow more flexibility in the angle it can work at.

Plumbing fixture Sculpture Art Wood Household hardware

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Bumper

may need to cut away some of that useless headlight 'bracket'

Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior

Final thing is to cut away a bit of the water runaway plastic as shown below, just a couple of inches with a hacksaw and it snaps off.

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Automotive lighting Vehicle

Now you can attach the struts. there is a little clip around each end that you can pop off, then click the stud into the socket and replace the clip to stop it popping off.

Think thats it....

Oh, i will be painting them black along with the bonnet hinges, just havent got round to that yet, so it should all look a bit smarter.

'Proper' kits now available from another source (not me), this guy has done much nicer brackets and still a good price IMO. https://www.facebook...Styling?fref=ts


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Wasn't meaning that type of thing thing in V1. Hard to explain without drawing it up or doing it
The ball stud has to be at about 90degrees outboard/inboard cos of how the socket is on the strut for the range of motion it goes through, the ball stud facing up / down etc wont work if thats what you mean....

(hence i couldnt just screw the stud into the existing hinge bolt hole...that would have been the easiest!)

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Well here it is, confirmation that Sme isn't talking
and that this works! Post below taken from my project thread

Update Custom Gas Powered Bonnet Lifters

I've been wanting to do this for ages, mainly after seeing Roballan's guide but I just never got around to it, other things got in the way. Then, Sme101's Mk1 guide came out, I thought, well, that looks like a much better solution that Roballan's (no offence buddy), but I still wasn't convinced about the bracket design. Never the less, spurred on with my own sense of purpose, I ordered the lifters, ball headed bolts and mate nuts and bolts that was needed. I purposely didn't buy the material for the brackets because I was going to make my own.

Then, out of the blue, Sme101 produced "Brackets Mk2". They were the answer we have all been looking for. So incredible simple and compact, yet work EXACTLY, how they needed to. So, with the parts for the brackets ordered, I waited for the postman to arrive.

As some of you may have seen my hinting around last night on here, I got my lifters all fitted up, and had to wait until today to get some decent photos and a video. So, here they are...

And the video

Although I'm using MK2 of Sme101's bracket, this is still Mk1 of my own. As you can see on the second lift of the bonnet when I do not cushion the accent, there is still some flex in the bonnet, caused between the slight gap between the hinge and the lifter bracket, this will be remedied once this gap is packed with some form of rubber spacer / stopper (as suggested in Sme101's guide)


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Nice one, your struts seem a bit smoother than mine and a bit faster on the uplift

Are you going to paint yours? yellow maybe
Not going to paint the struts, might try and wrap the lower bits in carbon though! :D

Brackets will be painted black...eventually!

I just need to find a way of stopping the bouncing on the bracket when I don't hold the bonnet on the way up.

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could i ask where you ordered your struts from? i'm in the process of doing this an have ordered a set but there abit short.

pretty sure its these

you know these exist since i did this guide: https://www.facebook...fref=ts  they are much nicer looking but a bit more expensive

what short ones did you get? cos you could just move the ball stud up and replace the next bolt that holds part of the wing on? i think i would have preferred shorter ones and chenged the mounting point, but couldnt find any chromed ones for similar price.
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