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Hey all,

Nice easy modification for you all here.

You need:

48 LED 1210 3528 SMD Car Interior Light Panel (the one below comes with convenient connectors)

(I offered £9.99 on ebay best offers and they accepted ;0) )


Extra wire (depending on the mounting position)

Glue gun (optional)

I decided to hard wire mine, so I could keep the existing boot light and have this LED flood light as well.

If you buy the kit above its as simple as using the screw driver to pop out the old fixing, popping in the bayonet adapter and plugging it in.

I extended the wires and hard wired it to the loom for the light (soldered in) then used a glue gun to fix it to the plastic panel on the side after hiding the wires (by feeding them behind the panel)

The difference is wonderful and it illuminates the boot really well! (see picture)

You will see a picture of the panel illuminated and then the spare sat on the boot floor to give you an idea of scale.



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