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2005, MK6 ST150 (pre face lift ), 2005, MK6 zetec S
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Just figured I’d change to a more apt pic. Still got the Triple just fancied a change now the Festa is on the road.

air con to go this weekend. (Hangover permitting - I’m out with the lads Friday)

went to get it degassed and turns out there was none in it so they didn’t charge me.

which reminds me must get a mortgage for a belt. 😂
HI Tripplehazzard,

I've got a bit of work to do to my zetec, but on STs a common mod is to remove the PAS reseviour and relocate it to a cooler part of the engine bay

Automotive air manifold Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive exterior Gas

So, you can see a big fat hose coming off the PAS and going across to the relacated reseviour, then another hose coming back and connecting to the pas return.
on the ST, you remove the OEM reseviour and where it goes into the pas pump you fit and adapter to accept the hose.

As my ST aint exactly mobile, I'll see if the adapter will fit the zetec abs pump and let you know
1 - 3 of 12 Posts