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No pics unfortunately but weekend just gone I washed mine for the first time since early November (and 1st time at my new house). Just had the first weekend of amazing sunny weather so gave the car some TLC.

It was so bad that after a rinse, then crevice clean with APC and a detailing brush, then 3 fresh buckets overflowing with poorboys suds, the paint still felt horrible and gritty to dry, even with detailing spray.

You know those times when you have all your gear laid out neatly thinking you're in a Meguiar's video and you end up feeling like a noob who has just gone over the car with a bath sponge and fairy liquid :biggrin:

Pressure washer is going on the shopping list I think. I'm dying to clay and machine polish again but last time I did it took me 2 days just to do the bonnet and front wings. I keep putting it off in fear that the other half will want to go shopping after 1 panel. Then it'll need another wash and the cycle continues. Maybe I need to pretend it's broken for the weekend.
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