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Does anyone know what these are?

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2 buttons on the fascia above the wireless charger.
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Aftermarket, whatever they are.

The 'P' looks like a parking sensor symbol?, has someone fitted forwards sensors?

The round one looks like a small flashing LED, some sort of alarm/immobiliser?
Maybe it was an option at some point (driver assistance pack?)...but it's certainly not standard.

And if it was wired in by Ford in such a package I'd have thought it wouldn't need an independent switch, it'd just work 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Thinking about it and looking closer, is there a sticky pad behind the round button? 🤔

If you're brave enough to investigate might it just be one of those cheapo 'fake alarm' buttons... literally a button battery and LED. I've seen similar advertised, gives the appearance of an aftermarket alarm without the cost. If the battery has run out it would also explain why it doesn't do anything.

Just a suggestion (I take no responsibility for the consequences 🤣) but give it a gentle wiggle. If its properly affixed THROUGH the centre console you should be able to feel it, but if its literally just stuck ON the console it'll probably not take much wiggling.
You have to question whether someone's eyesight is sufficient to drive if they need a light to guide their phone to the phone charger 🤣

But yes, great find that, should be easy enough to confirm its wired in with a wiggle test then. But what too?

I don't touch modern electrics, technological advances passed me by many years ago so I've never had cause to go there (and don't have my car to hand to double check)... but can we get hands round the back of that via the footwell or is it a panel off job?

I'm surprised none of the techies on here haven't jumped in on this yet 🤷🏻
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