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Hey everyone, just picked up my standard (Irish) 2022 mk8 ST 3dr, Silver fox with 10k miles on it and I have a few questions on the initial first days:

I was set on getting an ST for a year now, once I had the funds and found a low mileage clean one, I overlooked some of the finer details I normally look at.
  • First of all the car seems fantastic. Pulls really well and seems to handle 100%. I was afraid I would be a little disappointed with the 3-pot engine having already owned some Clio sports and m3s etc, but wow it's surprisingly quick and I can see why all the reviews of it are so good.
Anyway, a few Q's:
  • Road noise. Seems quite loud, has anyone else noticed this? My daily is a Skoda Kodiak so it's very quiet, but I don't see it mentioned in any reviews, and louder than most of my other hot hatches.
  • Blind spot indicator. The car has lane assist but doesn't seem to have blind spot indicators. I thought these were both parts of the same option pack?
  • Parking Sensors. Are there no front parking sensors? Just rear? I just presumed it would have had both.
  • Rear camera. It seems more than useless this time of year, within minutes it's covered in muck, and there is no auto clean to squirt some water on it like my Kodiaq (super handy)
  • B&O sounds. I don't have a sub and I see no wiring for it, there is a spare wheel there. But all my speakers have the B&O circular label. I presume I don't have the upgraded sound system?


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"Road noise".
I don't think it's too bad but I drive a van most of the time. There is definitely more tyre noise than my old ST150

"Blind spot indicator"
Lane assistant is in driver pack but blind spot is in a different "higher level" assistant pack.

"Parking Sensors"
No front sensors due to some reason, I'd seen something like the intercooler being in the way but that sounds made up.

"Rear camera".
It really does get mucky quickly, I have a little habit of cleaning it every time I walk past the car 馃

"B&O sounds"

The sub will be in one of the rear wheel arch covers, they were only in the spare wheel well on early cars .

And silver fox is a great colour 馃憣馃憤
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