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Hi all.
This is my first post to forums so if admins feel that this post don't belong here, feel free to move it where it belongs.
I made a small search and didn't find any similar post so here it is.
I own a fiesta mk6 st (facelift) and notice that the lcd screen was burnt from probably sun(concentrated light) or high temps from summer.


Most ppl told me at once that there is no fix for this but since i'm a technician i thought why not.
For anyone want to do that, keep in mind that you'll need some tools ofc, some spare time, a 90 degree polarize filter(with glue) and last but not least you'll have to be extra carefull as glass screens are easy to brake and hurt you. Be proactive, take your time and always wear glasses.

First things first take out the cluster panel from the car and start the disassembly process
Pull the plastic clips with a flat screwdriver to open the fron plastic


You'll end up with the panel like this


Turn dials at the lowest position for the marking process as you need to pull them out to be able to pull the black panel out too


Take some masking tape, and put it underneath the lowest points and mark them.
Take your time to mark them correctly as if you dont, you''ll have unreliable info from them


Pull out the black panel starting with pulling it away from these joints. There are only two of them and the panel will come out


With the panel out of the way you are ready to pull out the circuit board


Start by pressing the plastic clips around. Carefull not to brake them



After you pull the circuit board out, is time to pull the lcd also.
Slide it to according to arrow and lift it up from the plastic frame


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With the lcd out you can now take your time to work on it. You can clearly see the problem


Take a heat gun and a razor blade. Start to heat the screen but not much. Just warm it a little and carefully start peeling off the filter.
NOTICE: The lcd can easily brake and hurt you not to mention that you can't find it as a spare part. Be extra carefull here plz


Slowly make your way to the end working at full surface


With the old filter out of the way, the hardest part is behind you but you're not done yet.
The remains are there and is not an easy thing to do.
Also if you see some lines as cracks dont bother as it the glass of the old filter


Keep the old filter to use it as a palette to cut the new one


Place it on the new filter and mark it



Note here that you have to find the rotation of the filter by placing it on the screen and test it (just with your hand as the photo) and ofc find which side the glue is as it have a protective film also.

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Time to take out the remains.
Take a razor blade and brake a small piece of it. I used a tool that i have to clean up remains from circuit boards on mobile phones.
Use alcohol on the screen and start peeling of the old glue and filter.Mind that there might be some glass remains as the old one have a glass layer in it so be careful



finally after glass goes off you'll end up with only glue on it. Keep scratching it with the razor to peel it off.
Don't forget to use alcohol in the whole process. It will make your life easier and help the razor to slide without hurting the glass screen


Finally clean the screen and get ready to put the new filter on. The process is as easy as putting a protective film on a mobile screen


Start put everything back working backwards


Put the panel and the needles on and get them to markings. Don't over do it as they= need space from the panel to move


Finally before closing the cluster panel, do a small test to be sure everything is ok


The round bubble will settle down by it self when the cabin warm up. Don't over press the filter to avoid damaging the screen.
Re assemble all parts and put cluster back on car.

Hope i helped. Please take your time to think before act as working with screens is a delicate process.

Again i'm not responsible if you don't manage to do it right. Is a risky process and if you're not familiar with these, you'll have a really hard time completing it/

Good luck
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