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Hi All,

How to play;

  1. Post a cropped image of a car
  2. As a community, it's down to 1 of you to guess the car make and model [and generation/mark if applicable to be more specific - e.g. Ford Focus RS Mk2]
  3. Once the correct answer has been given, the member who gets it right then posts the next cropped image of a car for us to guess.

Please use the images saved onto your own computer and then uploaded with the forums inbuilt upload feature where possible as this means all images will be viewable to all. Sometimes hosted/filesharing sites are blocked on some peoples computers and they won't be able to see the image and therefore can't take part - How to do so here;

Try and make images used of a reasonable size.

If you guess correct, please be prompt in posting up a new image to be guessed to keep the game flowing.

Please use just one image for your crops.

Rule: Exclusions are replicas, race cars & kit cars. So, you can post cars no longer in production, limited runs, concepts...

There is a feature on Google Chrome that can ruin the game... "search google for image". So ensure your crop isn't searchable by using "preview post" before posting your reply so you can check it yourself with the feature.


Ways to stop this feature working include slightly rotating the image or making the crop an odd shape.

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well it had to be easy to get it going....

but cue to overly cropped/rare car no-one has heard of cos someone is trying to be 'funny'... :laugh:
1 - 20 of 3115 Posts