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Fiesta mk6 1.6tdci ST look
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Hi guys,
I'm Petar from Serbia. Driving Fiesta mk6 1.6 tdci with st look, Panther black color.
Car have a couple mods:
Turbo from 1.6tdci 110hp
H&R springs
Bilstein shocks
Rear axle brake conversion to disc(ATE power discs)

I'm newbie driver, so here in Serbia we are restricted to max 80kw cars, no space for st150. This is my littleST :)
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Hi DieselRocket,
What mods have u done to get to how the car looks ?
I'm guessing front bumber and rear spoiler, did you have to mod the electrics for the front fogs, I'm asking as I have a 1.2 finesse I'm looking to put front fogs on.
What are the wheels off ?
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