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High level brake light removal.

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Hi guys

got a bulb out on my high level brake light and having popped out the 2 grommets and popped the clips I still can’t remove the lens due to it being trapped between the spoiler and rear window.

Unfortunately it looks like I may have to remove the bl00dy spoiler to get the lens out.
Anyone know how the spoiler comes off? It’s the smaller optional spoiler on the 1.4 not the big ST one. all the vids I’ve watched show the lens “simply” just flips out when clips are pushed, but no mine is loose but jammed in!!

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I only ever changed the bulb once and it just sort of clipped in, I can't remember if I took it out completely or just did it with it between the spoiler and the boot, or is it possible someone has used sealant on it in the past and it's stuck
Cheers fella.

it’s loose and just flopping around but just won’t come enough to either do it in situ or pull out completely. ******* me right off!!
Hm, when I did it I just looked at a video of someone doing it and mine came out the same without any issues.
Me too, but it didn’t.

thanks anyway fella.
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