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Some guides ive created ,May have been covered by other members , But id thought id just add my own , As there slightly different and may be easier or more suited for other members ,Not trying to do one better than the other members.

Guide: How to remove fiesta mk6 head unit - Tiestoooooo

Tools needed : 4 Ford radio removal keys (link included) and patience

On the front stereo there are 4 little slots where the keys will need pushed in to , the keys will only work in one direction(pic included) the keys will click when they are locked in you will not be able to remove them without removing the head unit.To get started with getting the head unit out , its a bit of a pain , its ten times easier if you can get a mate to help ,or even a good lady friend could do the job haha ,

so insert all 4 pins in to the slots , for the left hand side push them straight in and slightly pull to the left , and for the right hand side push them straight in and slighly to the right so that all 4 keys grip the tabs on the inside , so get your friend or whoever to take a side each , and put two fingers on each key ,

so the left hand side wants to be pulled at an angle to the left, and the right hand side wants to be pulled at an angle to the right .

You may be lucky and it might come out first time , or one of the pins may fall out , if so just reinsert the pin until you hear it click , it will come out , just needs a bit of patience , if all else fails and your trying to get it out with a hammer another way i found of doing it , is the same steps as above , but this time remove the glovebox , simply held in by two tabs , once youve removed the glovebox you can get your hand behind the unit , so get your friend to try and pull the radio keys whilst you push against the head unit to release it , one side of the head unit might release ,or it might come right out if not then tell your friend to pull the keys from the other side , and it should come out .

Any problems give me a shout
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