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A gut round the corner from us sells cars that he puts at the front of his house. A couple of months ago he had a Fiesta for sale. It is a silver one with black side stripes (Facelift on a 56 plate). The claimed mileage for this car was 35000 miles. He originally put it up for £5700 and there were no takes so he dropped it to £5300 and then £4700. There were still no takers and it moved onto their neighbour's drive for a couple of weeks and was not advertised for sale.

The car has just re-appeared on this guy's drive. I can't see the asking price this time around but as he couldn't move it at £4700, I suspect that he may go lower.

I would add that I am in no way connected to this guy. I don't even know him. I just drive past his house. I haven't looked at the car closely but it looks clean.

if anyone wants to know where it is, send me a PM and I'll provide exact details for you.
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