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I’m not bothered either way mate. If you want the drivers door card you’re more than welcome to look through the parts and take what you want or need

edited to add: basically a breaker near me said he will have the lot but I’d rather it went to good homes to help people out than get next to nothing for it but then people who need bits have to pay over the odds. So if there’s something you need come and get it.

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Hi Marwood,
I know its not very exciting, but I need these bits if they are in that pile

Motor vehicle Automotive exhaust Vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior

Handbrake surround.

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering wheel

Gear lever surround, not the top bit, the bit with the vents in it.
I'm planning a phone mount to screw into the ns footwell so want the gear lever panel in case it all goes horribly wrong.
message me what you want for it and I'll send cash.
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