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No. Hence this thread being a thing, because minimal brake input is overridden by assistance that is more than required and is hard to modulate due to its level of assistance varying day to day.

Then again, I've never had an issue closing my boot, so I guess we're all different.

Hard to modulate. 馃

You're a right sarcastic git for a "moderator". Good memory though. 馃槀

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I blame the servo ratio too, or maybe the bore of the master cylinder, most of 'em are like this, I changed to "yellowstuff" pads hoping they would at least be number when cold, nope. Have thought of popping full race pads in an effort to make the brakes less harsh when first setting off and then they can warm up, and then there's driving in snow round the hills here, I have a full set of winter tyres which coupled with the lsd do a good job, but oh that brake grab downhill !

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Mk7 was (is) the same. The servo assistance is quite off the rails at low speeds.

I remember test driving a Mk7 and just tapping on the brakes whilst crawling out of the forecourt in 1st and almost headbutting the wheel.
Noticed that on both my Mk7s. After first brake change the whole brake system's pressure seemed to 'normalise' and pedal feel completely changed. Which I was sort of sad about... Spent months researching to try and find out if the master cylinder had gone, whether the ABS module had air in it, all sorts of mad theories. Ended up just living with it as I couldn't afford a full brake system rebuild.

When the car still had its hugely overboosted brakes they saved me from what would have otherwise been a 100% guaranteed fender bender. It was impossible to left foot brake though :ROFLMAO: Nowadays I use better brake pads. One dealership tried to fob me off with Motorcraft pads. Stopped about as well as a block of toffee.. Was back in to another garage for better pads soon after.

I wonder what process Ford uses at the factory which makes their brake systems so grabby / overpressured when they roll off the line? It's always seemed strange that the pedal feel changes so much after first brake pad change. Something to do with cylinder bore position or a 'sweet spot' for the seals which they never go back to after first caliper piston pushbacks?
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