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The last one kind of died, but with the addition of the mk8/8.5, let's start a new one.
(Mk6 ST Vs. Mk7 ST Picture Game (please read first post))
Rules taken from the last go:

  1. Photos must be taken after the challenge is set, not old photos and it must be YOUR car. The whole point is to make people get out there and complete the challenges.
  2. No illegal challenges.
  3. No pictures to be taken by the driver of a car when driving!
  4. The person who sets the challenge cannot complete it.
  5. New - Pictures must be clear to count, no proving by other means etc
  6. New - Challenges must be with the "real deal" not a picture on your phone/laptop etc (unless that is the challenge obviously).
  7. New (updated) - If the challenge set is not complete within 5 days, anyone can set a new challenge. 0 points awarded.
  8. Challenges must be able to be complete by Mk6 and Mk7 owners.

When you post your winning picture - also post the challenge which you want to set at the same time, to keep the ball rolling. If 2 or more people post at the same time...the first post wins.

Photos taken before the challenge was set will not count and will end up void.

I won't do as well as Alec on the last one, but I'll periodally update this post when I remember as to the points tally!

mk7: 4

We'll start with the last unbeaten challenge on the previous thread -

Your ST and a picture with a half eaten chocolate bar of your choice.

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Next up; You in the boot of your ST (you don't have to show your face if you don't want to).
Always liked that colour on the MK7.
Your driveway looks good and very long. Is it a camera angle thing, or actually like that? I find with those driveways though is if you have more than one car (or a family member has a car), you've got to play the 'who's out first/back last game' in terms of which goes behind the other.
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