1. Powerfold mirrors, complete with door switch - £120. These come with magnetic grey covers on, which have some slight damage but the covers are interchangeable.
  2. DC 3D handbrake hole cover, removed from my old car, will need new double sided sticky tape or similar to stick to your car, the original lost it's stickiness. Looks very similar to the one in this link, I will post a picture of this when I'm back home from Bristol this week. https://www.dc-3d-design.co.uk/handbrake-cover/bulletproofhandbrakecover-mp832. £10 posted.
  3. Full set of ST200 alloys. Bought from Darran in Summer 2021, one small mark / lacquer peel on one alloy only, no kerbing. They've got black centre caps, Genuine Ford TPMS sensors & Genuine Ford metal valves.
Wrapped in Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5's, these want for nothing. No buckles, welds, repairs. Simply will need balancing before putting on your car, as I had the tyres swapped from my standard alloys prior to selling.​
Only reason for sale is that I've got a mk8.5 on order, and the only way I can sensibly put them on there is to buy a complete new set of tyres + TPMS sensors.​
For reference, all 4 tyres cost me £340, one set from Costco, another from a local tyre place, the first set were fitted to my standard alloys in Feb 2021 and only used until around July 2021. The second set were fitted in July 2021 and they were used for literally a week of driving (circa 50 miles) plus a round trip to Nottingham and back to collect these alloys from Darran, they've probably seen a maximum of 400 miles.​

If you're interested, send me a message with what you've got in mind price wise for the alloys.

Mirrors, intake & alloys collection only due to size / weight, the handbrake cover I'll post due to small size.

Can provide more pics of the alloys if required along with proof of tread levels.
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