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Good Morning,

New here, but I have read vast amounts of posts regarding extra security for these cars. Collect mine on friday 馃榿. I've already got a disklok and keyless fob signal blocking things, but just pondering whether I should fif an extra layer.

I'm in two minds about an alarm system from seeing some stories that these can be too sensitive, going off randomly in work car parks etc, but obviously would be beneficial if some clown is on the driveway at 2am. From what I've read so far I've narrowed it down to the Clifford 650 or Cobra A615.

On the immobiliser front, how much less of a deterrent would it be without the alarm? Obviously if it's pretty secure in preventing the car being driven off with someone plugging their laptop in between games of Football Manager, then great. Again, I've narrowed it down to the Sterling Touch/Excel (I'm not sure what the difference is between these), and the Viper 106V.

Also, with the engine auto start/stop function how do these immobilisers/alarms work when you're at a set of lights for 30 seconds with the engine off?

Any current or previous experiences with these would be a great help!

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Aslong as your original key is in the car, the alarm is not gonna get triggered
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