Mountune mTune SMARTflash for m235 upgrade MK8 Fiesta ST.

Had to sell the car due to baby requirements/lack of boot so i put it back to standard, hence reason for sale.

The device must be reset to your vehicle by Mountune which costs £300 (just confirmed) but that's still a great saving against the RRP of these from Mountune (which is £595.00 plus delivery!!)

I spoke to Mountune - the device is returned to them they reset the device and then send it back. Obviously feel free to contact them for clarification.

Device is immaculate and 100% working.
Genuine Mountune Case
Genuine Mountune SmartFLASH device
Mountune badge
mTune SMARTflash m235 Upgrade [Mk8 Fiesta ST]

I'm also selling the induction kit inc filter which is advised to install when upgrading.

There is a slight scratch on the airbox which happened when it was removed.

Induction Kit [Mk8 Fiesta ST | 1.0 EcoBoost | Puma ST]

Looking for around £230. Would be willing to sell separately. Located in N Beds