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My "new" Zetec S

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HI All,

Had a nice little trip today to Chester, from London, to pick up a 1.6 Zetec S

Wheel Automotive parking light Car Tire Vehicle

Very clean, 97K on clock - paid £1850.

Only issues I've found are:
Airbag light on
Nasty noise from O/S electric window when initially going down.

It drives really well , so stopped off at breakers in Birmingham and treated it to these:

Automotive design Motor vehicle Armrest Vehicle Head restraint

Full leather interior, I was resigned to fitting ST leather seats, but apparently these are out of a special edition Zetec. Not heated, but the heated ones in my ST arn't all that so I'm really not bothered.
Gonna clean up toimmorrow with leather cleaner and then fit (y)
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Hi All,

Postman bought me some stuff :

Wood Plant Hardwood Art Jewellery

Side skirt fitting kit:
I find it strange that there are 9 brown clips and 3 black. As there are 2 side skirts I would have thought the numbers should be equal ???
If I had the skirts, it would be easy to check, but the "luvly" person I bought them off from fleabay can't be botherd to reply to my message, so I can't collect them :eek: :eek: :eek:

Window regulator :

Hood Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

Much as I'd like, I can't summon up the enthusiasm needed to fit this today :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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Hi All,

Well, I did strip out the door, which after watching vaious utube videos went fine, changed regulator and went to refit, nightmare time, took nearly an hour to get multiplug betwen door and car body to connect.
With hindsite, I should have just changed the regulator with the loom attached,
That is just 1 sides worth of clips, you need twice the amount. I’ve just replaced mine after strengthening the mounting points.
That is just 1 sides worth of clips, you need twice the amount. I’ve just replaced mine after strengthening the mounting points.
Hi Simon, cheers makes more sense , how did you strengthen the mounting points - any piccys ?

Used some polyurethane adhesive around the plastic mounts. Looks **** but they aren’t going anywhere.
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Hi All,

Well, fitting this window regulator was far more grief than it needed to be
Got the regulator fitted yesterday, didn't fit the inner trims as ran out of time.
As soon as I came back inside, I found the two regulator screws I couldn't fit with the panel off :eek:
Anyway with the help of a friend we stripped window done again, which was a pig as the glass didn't want to come out of the regulator
All built up and working again, door handle mechanism was a nightmare as all the little plastic bits on the cable were snapped, but managed to get back together

Swapped Zetec wheels for ST ones and fitted Heko wind deflector

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Confession : I've only changed the two on this side atm.
Gonna fit the lowering springs tommorrow - ( I feel tired just thinking about it :ROFLMAO: )
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Hi All,

Well my plan to fit the lowering springs came to nothing as for some reason overnight my knee swelled up so I can hardly walk (n)

But, as I'd already fitted two of the zetec 16" wheels to her MK6, had to finish the job... :)

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Automotive side-view mirror

Now, I have a problem.

I have 5 ST OEM wheels ( which need refurb )

Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber Rim Motor vehicle

and 4 Team Dynamics wheels ( which also need refurb )

Automotive tire Tread Wheel Wood Hubcap

I'm tempted to get the tyres off the grey ST wheels fitted to the team dynamics wheels, if they fit the car ok, I'll get them refurbed and keep, if not sell them on and get the ST wheels refurbed.
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Hi All,

Milteck exhaust arrived, still trying to get new rear bumper bottom trim so it will fit

Wood Flooring Floor Hardwood Tool
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Hi All,

Had a trip to the sand blasters this morning to pick up my ST calipers for the focus brake conversion:
He made a great job of cleaning them up, so I thought I should get to work spraying before they started to rust.

Car Font Plastic Gadget Fashion accessory

Can't see fully in the pic, but what a pigs ear !!!!.
I knew I'd have to use quite a few coats, but coverage of the K2 yellow compared to the silver & black I've used in the past is shokingly bad.
Never got runs using the silver or black but the yellow is like water.
Thinking this could take a long time and many/many coats :eek:
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Hi All,

Hopefully my mechanic will fit the Milteck half system tonight. (y)

After nearly a week of speaking to various breakers for an ST rear deffuser, and being quoted £40-50 for something I wouldn't fit to a skip, bit the bullet and got a new one from Ford.

Font Bicycle part Fashion accessory Metal Titanium

£62 delivered, which I can live with.

Swapped my ST defuser onto the zetec so the mechanic can line it up once ( and hopefully forever :) )

Car Land vehicle Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Vehicle

Hopefully the next picture will have a big shiney tailpipe filling the hole :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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Hi All,

Well here it is :

Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate Wheel Vehicle Car

Had a small issue in so much as the original pipe, which should be cut just behind the front silencer was shot, couldn't get one at this time of night so just fitted the back box.

In a way I'm quite pleased as it sounds a bit quiet, wondering if I can do away with the front silencer completly.

Also need some uprated exhaust rubbers as its sitting a bit low.
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Hi All,

Looks like I've found something.

Water Line Font Logo Graphics

Less than 1/2 price of the front system I was quoted earlier for - If I like the sound, might look into getting one made in SS
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Hi All,

Well, found these guys ( who are about 5 miles from me in west london)

Screenshot Font Software Web page Automotive mirror

Had a chat with them this morning and they are fine to fabricate just the front section of the front pipe ( everything before the red line below )

Line Font Graphics Circle Logo

I have no experience of car exhausts, but its my understanding that you want to try and remove restrictions, so I was thinking of trying to increase the diameter of the flexi connection so I can run 60mm pipe all the way from the flexi to the Milteck S bend ( which is 60mm )

Is there any benefit in reprofilling the flange to accept 60mm pipe between the flange and the front of the flexi or whould that be more trouble than its worth ?

THe Milteck half system dosn't need a re map, would it be required after fitting a full 60mm system ?

Many thanks

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Hi All,

Well, the front section of the exhaust arrived this afternoon.
I hadn't realised from the manufacturers photo that it was 2 piece and had expected to have to cut it down to get the milteck s bend to mate up, but it looks all good

Tool Wrench Wood Wind instrument Flooring

Gonna try & get fitted over the weekend,
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HI All,

Done a few little bits to the zetec this week.

Bought an ST interior light unit, I've changed the centre bulb in the one in my ST to autobeam led and its superb, luvly white light, so bought centre & map autobeam leds to go in this unit.

Bumper Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Rim Auto part

Couldn't work out why I kept getting white flakes in the n/s footwell, dropped the glovebox and found

Font Pattern Art Visual arts Monochrome

Someone had taped the DAB aerial wires to the fuse box diagram.
Replaced the glovebox with the one out of her burn't out zetec - only difference in the diagram is the folding mirror relays, and as I'm sure I don't have them this won't be of concern.

Off to Clacton tommorrow to pick up some ST side skirts, I've got some ST mirrors on order, so when they arrive I can get them painted and fitted.
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Wait, how many mk6s do you have??
Did you sort an FF inlet in the end as I'll have one for sale soon
Wait, how many mk6s do you have??
Did you sort an FF inlet in the end as I'll have one for sale soon
Hi Jimmy,
:ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: this place feels like a MK6 breakers atm...... I've got her burn't out 1.25 zetec, ( which once the gearbox is out is going for scrap) my zetec s and my ST

Yeah I got the FF inlet, just sorting the loom mods before it goes on
Hi All,

Been on the phone to the breakers i use in Birmingham and hes made me up a little package of bits to add to the Zetec S

Leather front door cards
Zetec S - door cill protectors
2 x colour coded mirrors
ST handbrake mech
ST pedals
ST door handles
ST gear k**b

All at a very attractive price (y)

Picked up my side skirts yesterday

Table Outdoor furniture Wood Grass Outdoor bench

Very happy as only paid £50, and got 2 jacking point covers thrown in

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Hi All,

My trip to the breakes had limited success, picked up most of the parts I needed,

Door cards look good, cleaned up with Mr sheen and leather cleaner
Cill protectors - forgot to ask for - ordered on line so in the post
Mirrors - managed to drop 1 so now need a replacement
Handbrake mech - got one out of the donor car in birmingham to find the button was split
ST pedals - fitted look good, maybe its me but the car appears to be using more fuel with the ST accelerator pedal fitted,
ST smooth door handles, should look good when resprayed, but realised what a pig of a job it will be to strip both doors out to fit
ST door side mouldings, spent hours getting the sticky pads off - now to sand down and respray
ST gear ****.... All the ones in the breakers were knackered - ordered new one from Ford

After cleaning the cills I got from Clacton,

1 is perfect, the other has no clip fixings inside, bought another set for £30 picking up sunday ( not from clacton )
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Hi All,

Well the new gear k**b arrived, very nice

Sports equipment Sports gear Plant Wood Personal protective equipment

I know I bought it for the zetec, but its brand new so will probably put it in the ST and use the ST one in the zetec.

also, bought leather gaitor ( from Ford )

Brown Bag Leather Fashion accessory Metal

should look nice
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